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Music - page 7

Jan 29, 2011

13 Musicians Who Should Get Their Own Video Game

With music-based video game franchises like Rock Band and Guitar Hero becoming more niche with their releases (Beatles, Aerosmith, Metallica, etc.) and titles like Michael Jackson: The Experience becoming more prevalent we thought we'd compile a list of other music acts that should make the leap to the digital domain, with some ideas about what kind of game they belong in. Read who made the final cut after the jump!

Jan 26, 2011

Songs Of The Week: A Dream, Minaj 4 Life, and Cash Grabbin’ Tantrums

Last week, Lil Wayne's 6 Foot 7 won the fan vote for favorite Song of the Week ("SOTW)". This week's five songs will stand out like a Bart Scott sound bite. “CAN’T WAIT!!!” They will cause a bigger stir than any inappropriate zinger that Ricky Gervais can throw out at a nationally televised awards telecast. Awkward. They will bring a bigger right hook than Sami Sweetheart clocking Ron Ron in the jaw from this week’s Jersey Shore preview. Enough of all the jibber-jabber, let me now introduce you to the latest installment of Al Jones’ Songs of the Week.

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Jan 18, 2011

Which Songs Go Best With These Drinks?

On a gloomy weekday, one’s mind wanders to the delicious anticipation of that drink to finally send the week packin’....

Jan 15, 2011

Songs Of The Week: Nasty Weather, Gunz Blazing, And A Mysterious Sibling

This edition of SOTW (Songs of the Week) features Talib Kweli, Lil Wayne, Cory Gunz, Smith Westerns, Best Coast, and The Black Keys. Hopefully these tunes will spark a flame in your ear drums. Check out why they made the cut after the jump!

Jan 14, 2011

WTF News Of The Day: Gucci Mane’s Face Tattoo, Last Supper Lint, and One Foxy Shooter

Today's WTF news items feature a rapper's cute yet cold-blooded tattoo on his mug, a new use for lint that has all the Jesus freaks rushing to the laundromat, and an animal that's seen "Furry Vengeance" one too many times. Read more after the jump!

Jan 13, 2011

Bieberfy Your Favorite Justin Bieber Sites, We Did!

There's a new URL shortner on the scene and it might just change the way you view websites FOREVER. That would never happen, you say? Well... never say never... because thanks to, now you can not only shorten your URLs but you could also get a beautiful overlay of the 7th most popular woman on the web, Justin Bieber. After seeing this report on Mashable, we decided to take matters into our own hands and Bieberfy a few sites that the owners of might not find very becoming. So, if you're Stuck In The Moment, about to go Overboard, or ever thought That Should Be Me, here's a little pick me Up that will Make U Smile, Baby. Be sure to pass it on to Somebody You Love.

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Jan 12, 2011

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be In A Band [DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!]

Musicians are like today's Greek Gods. They're rich, good looking, crazy, and can get laid whenever and wherever they want. For us mere mortals though, being in a band can sometimes be a really bad idea. Read more after the jump!

Our 64 Favorite 1990’s Songs

My roommates and I have been listening to 90's music all day. Here is a list of the songs we've listened to in no particular order. Music lists are all a matter of opinion so add some of your favorite songs in the comments then I'll post a complete list on COED this week. Check out Our 64 Favorite 1990's Songs right here!

Jan 8, 2011

Songs Of The Week: New Year, BMF, J. Cole, and Shadowboxin’ Ghosts

For the last 2 years music man Alex Jones has been dropping a song of the day (SOTD) for all his friends on Facebook. It's become such a staple for everyone's morning that if he misses a day, all hell breaks loose. People LOVE it. So, COED gave him the opportunity to expand SOTD into a weekly column, so instead of his highly touted and anticipated SOTD, he's now providing COED readers with his Songs Of The Week. And, if you want to see us turn it into a SOTD, let us know in the comments!

Jan 8, 2011

Recording Artists To Watch Out For In 2011 [VIDEOS]

2010 was coming out party for artists like Sleigh Bells, Hesta Prynn, and Owen Pallett. Meanwhile, other artists who were on a slew of Watch Lists for 2010 didn't make a peep. Ah, the beauty of making predictions - so hit or miss. So, which recording artists appear to be on the path to superstardom in 2011 in COED's crystal ball? See our picks after the jump!

Jan 5, 2011

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Dec 30, 2010

30 Indie Albums of 2010 You Need To Hear

It's that time of year again, when we look back on the year and recount our favorite memories. Our favorite movies, our favorite TV shows, and even our favorite music, and this year, we had a lot of great albums. But don't worry, I won't be going on and on about how great the new Kanye album is, nor will try and debate with you Pinkerton loving elitists how great the new Weezer albums were because it'd be like talking to a brick wall. What I will do, however, is tell you about the 30 best albums from this year you need to hear.

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Dec 27, 2010

Rick James Protege Passes Away [RIP TEENA MARIE]

Teena Marie passed away in her sleep at her home in Pasadena, California yesterday. Also known as Lady T, was an American singer, songwriter, producer, and protégé of funk legend Rick James. She was also one of the few successful white R&B performers and the first white person to be signed to the Motown record label. In her memory, we pay tribute to her by taking another look at her mentor, Rick James, with this unforgettable Dave Chappelle skit and photo gallery.

Dec 27, 2010

COED’s Last Minute New Year’s Eve Concert Guide

Looking for something more exciting than a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon or spending $150 at a bar where all the well drinks are obviously watered down? From New York to California, major artists are lining up special appearances at iconic venues to help everyone ring in 2011 with a bang, sure to leave everyone bleary eyed and tired when the tunes and booze finally stop flowing in the early a.m. hours. Check out some of these explosive shows if you’re in the area, especially if you’re somehow able to score tickets.

Dec 24, 2010

The Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist (1984-2010)

One of the best things about Christmas time is the music. It's bright, colorful, and warm; just what you need to get through the cold winter months. I, being a young angry man, have the punk rock attitude of going a bit against the grain. While I do appreciate the likes of Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and even the wholly depressing "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" by John Lennon, I prefer my diet of Christmas music to be a bit more modern. So today I bring to you, some of my favorite modern Christmas tunes. Enjoy!!

Dec 20, 2010

5 Things 2010 Taught Us About Women

Each year we men find ourselves another step closer to enlightenment; the complete understanding of the female species. Unfortunately, just as we feel as though we've made huge advancements towards the aforementioned enlightenment, they go and pull the rug from under our feet, leaving us just as clueless as ever. Here are 5 things we learned about them this year. 2011 is looking pretty bleak...

Dec 19, 2010

Runner Runner’s Reasons Why You’re NOT Too Cool For School

Finals suck. They suck so much you question why the f*ck you even decided to go to college. All the reading, writing, and 'rithmetic can drive a young scholar insane. You pull all nighters, hopped up on adderall and Four Loko, hoping that you'll just pass the f'n course so you don't have to see that creepy TA again. The stress is enough to make you drop out. Well, don't. Runner Runner guitarist Nick Bailey jotted down his ten most important  reasons for going to college in the first place. Trust us, work blows. Milk school for all its worth, baby.

Dec 18, 2010

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Ranks Bruce Springsteen’s Top 14 Songs [VIDEO]

For anyone who follows Bruce Springsteen or Arcade Fire, (and that's a lot of you) you might notice they have a mutual appreciation for each others music.  Aside from being featured on the cover of SPIN magazine together, Bruce & Arcade Fire have shared the stage a couple of times, including performances for President Obama. Arcade Fire frontman, Win Butler, recently compiled a list of his top 14 Springsteen songs. How do Win's ranking stack up against yours? Let us know after the jump!

Dec 14, 2010

Casting The All Female A-Team [The T&A Team?]

The A-Team releases on DVD and Blu-ray today. Unfortunately, it underwhelmed at the box office and failed to meet expectations for most fans. It's another example of a Hollywood remake of a classic TV show that gets everyone super amped only to be disappointed with the end result. Why? Because for some odd reason studios seem to think they have to give the old formula a new twist. Too often it just doesn’t work. However, there's one twist that would most definitely rock: AN ALL-FEMALE A-TEAM!

Dec 14, 2010

The New Yorker’s Guide To Bangin’ A Foreigner

New York City is one of the top travel destinations for a plethora of hot girls from around the world. Thousands flock here to take pictures of the tops of buildings, walk aimlessly in Times Square, ride a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, and buy what they think is a hot dog from a street vendor. Fortunately, as a New Yorker, you are appalled by such actions. What they're really looking for is an authentic New York City experience. This puts you in a special position to be their tour guide to activities that are truly New York. All it will cost them is their dignity.

Dec 9, 2010

220 Famous Faces: Then And Now [PICS]

Growing up is hard. Especially when you're famous at a very early age. Many child actors are unable to lead a normal childhood and turn to the fast lane, Hollywood lifestyle of drugs and booze. Some, like Drew Barrymore, are able to pull out of the tailspin, some fade into oblivion (to the dismay of their fans), and others look like they've never aged! Hell, you might be watching a child star on your TV or in the theater later and not even know it! So, buckle up, hop in our DeLorean, 'cuz we're doin' a little time travel with these "Then and Now" pics of famous faces.

Dec 8, 2010

Katy Perry Is Now Katy Brand [BREAKING NEWS] reports that Katy Perry will take her husband Russell Brand's name. The breastest singer in the world made the announcement during a taping of Ellen DeGeneres' talk show today. Do we smell a new show in the works - American Brandstand - in which large chested women show off their singing abilities? This news item gives a whole new meaning to Brand Marketing aka using cleavage to sell your product. Send your Katy Brand jokes to

Dec 7, 2010

Redman’s Top 10 Lyrics (WITH VIDEO AND POLL)

New Jersey's really gotten a bad rap lately thanks to "real" housewives, the Shore and all things Guido. People tend to forget the lovable, wild and weed inspired GOOD rap from the Garden State's Greatest, Redman. His first name might be "He Ain't Sh*t" but we think he's the exact opposite. To celebrate the release of his new album, Redman Presents... Reggie (OUT TODAY) we've assembled his ten best lyrics. WARNING: Videos and lyrics are obviously too cool for you aka NSFW. Don't contribute to the unemployment rate.

Dec 6, 2010

8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties: Evan Rachel Wood (PICS)

Day 6 of our 8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties features the future Mrs. Marilyn Manson, 23 year old actress, model, and singer Evan Rachel Wood.

Dec 6, 2010

8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties: Evan Rachel Wood [PHOTO GALLERY]

Day 6 of our 8 Days of Hanukkah Hotties features the future Mrs. Marilyn Manson, 23 year old actress, singer, and model Evan Rachel Wood.

Dec 4, 2010

World Record For Most Cameos In A Music Video (VIDEO)

Not sure if that's true, but holy crap, has there ever been a more random assembly of celebrities from A-list right on down guest stars on 70s sitcoms? Friend of mine sent this video to me on Facebook. Apparently, it's a music video that promotes the Norwegian TV show "Golden Times".

Dec 3, 2010

BroBible Presents The Winter Elixir Concert Featuring Big Boi is hosting a holiday event that's sure to cure those wintertime blues - the Winter Elixir concert. Side effects include Big Boi, a DJ set by Calvin Harris, LA Riots, and The Knocks. It all goes down Wednesday, December 22, 2010, at Terminal 5 in New York City. To buy your tickets now, go to!

Nov 25, 2010

Celebrity WAGs Most Likely To Murder Someone

The Next Three Days came out this past weekend. The film stars Elizabeth Banks as a woman accused of murder. Her husband, played by Russell Crowe, attempts to clear her name. The thriller got us thrilled about all the crazy wives and girlfriends who could potentially murder someone, whether it be their mate, their extramarital date, or Jon and Kate Plus 8. Sure, we all get upset at our significant others once in a while and maybe we even fantasize about doin' some damage but a lil' thing called reason comes into our head and we chill the F out. We're not so sure the same would happen for these wild WAGs.

Nov 22, 2010

Huey Lewis & The News Make Awesome Songs For Movies

Huey Lewis and the News released their night studio album, "Soulsville" earlier this month (11/2), so to commemorate we're remembering the best songs featured in films. The band has 19 top-ten singles and has sold 30 million records worldwide. They were referenced in a memorable scene from American Psycho and they also had a series of highly successful MTV videos. If you've been to a hockey game recently, you might've heard their song come on after a goal (da-na-na-na-na-na HEY! da-na-na).

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2006 Homecoming Party Playlist

2006 was the year of Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and dance-pop songs. If you were putting together a playlist at the time, at least one, if not a combination, of such tracks would’ve been added. Even if you didn’t think Justin Timberlake really brought sexy back, someone at you party probably thought differently. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2004 Homecoming Party Playlist

2004 was the year pop stars and rockers started loving the ‘80s, Green Day became opinionated adults, and Jay-Z said he’d retired. At least two of these things are still consistent in the present. Back in 2004, your homecoming playlist might have consisted of a bit of hip-hop, some ‘80s-influenced rock, and a pop song or two with a dance beat. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2008 Homecoming Party Playlist

2008 was a tough year for a lot of people as the subprime mortgage crisis from the year before really started taking effect. While most people were upset and depressed, Michael Phelps helped to keep America's spirits high by winning 8 Olympic gold medals in one summer. The world's largest haldron collider is finally completed and used at CERN. On the other side of the world, a series of terrorist attacks effectively shut down the whole city of Mumbai. We also had the death of Heath Ledger and his unbelievable performance in The Dark Knight. Movies weren't the only thing popping off though, as TI would show the world that jail couldn't stop him from being one of the greatest rappers in the game. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2009 Homecoming Party Playlist

It doesn’t seem that far away, and musically, not much has changed over the past year. Lady Gaga’s still scoring hits, and La Roux’s “Bulletproof” is an armored tank climbing up the Top 40 charts. From the synths and strong drum beats on every pop track over the past year, could pop and electronic have merged? Sounds like it – until you check out Deadmau5 and Boys Noize. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2005 Homecoming Party Playlist

Lady Gaga gets too much credit for merging pop and dance music. This combination can, in fact, be traced back to 2005, in which nearly electro-pop diva went for an ‘80s vibe, and Madonna, Depeche Mode, and New Order revisited their classic sounds. A playlist from five years ago wouldn’t be complete without a synthpop track or dance remix to give that 1980s-but-modern direction. Duran Duran might be dated, but the latest Madonna track? It was the ‘80s without the big hair. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2010 Homecoming Party Playlist

It seems like a long time ago, but the year started on a low note with the massive Haitian earthquake. A volcano in Iceland volcano erupted, disrupting flights all across Europe. In other awful news, the oil platform exploded, leaking oil everywhere. Thanks, BP. Not all was bad though, as the 33 Chilean miners were saved after a record 69 days. If you can't remember the sounds of 2010, then you've got serious memory issues - but it saw the second (or third/fourth) coming of electronic music. Check out this class's suggest playlist after the jump!

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2003 Homecoming Party Playlist

In retrospect, 2003 is the year of reinvention of the pop star. No longer were Disney kids like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera turning out cutesy songs for the under-17 set – or going through a “Can’t Be Tamed” phase. Instead, both Timberlake and Aguilera – as well as Beyoncé – knew that to have lasting careers, they need to produce songs to appeal to all ages – or at least to those under 30. In 2003, you didn’t need to be embarrassed to add “Crazy in Love” or “Rock Your Body” to your homecoming playlist alongside the latest trance track or The White Stripes. After all, everyone else had been listening to them all summer long, anyway. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2002 Homecoming Party Playlist

2002 – that transition between nu-metal and bland alterna-rock, before pseudo-indie acts like The Strokes, after boy bands and before tween Disney stars, and a few years before a clear 1980s influence. Call it the doldrums or a musical dead zone. For any college kit putting together the perfect homecoming playlist at the time, this meant hunting high and low – at the record shop or on KaZaa – for the right dance tracks. Considering the most popular singles of the year were by Nelly, J. Lo, Chad Kroeger, or Avril Lavigne, taking a Top 40 approach made you look like a too-eager-to-impress and doltish high schooler, while going too obscure meant seeming like a snotty music nerd. Check out this class's suggested homecoming party playlist after the jump.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2007 Homecoming Party Playlist

Sometimes, a year in pop music ends up a disappointment. After the year of Timbaland that was 2006, 2007 kind of seemed to limp along. Electro acts, such as Groove Armada and Junior Senior, developed a taste for disco, while alternative rock, characterized by The Killers and Franz Ferdinand just a few years ago, went limp and soft. “Indie” might be more introspective, but does that mean less party-friendly, as well? Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 8, 2010

15 Best Songs About Getting F***ed Up

We all have our favorite songs to listen to while we put ourselves under the influence while we're out on the town. What is better than that, is when those songs are actually about getting messed up. It's the ever-impressive double whammy. These are the top fifteen songs from that category.

Oct 22, 2010

The Scariest Bands Of All Time

Death metal was once was "underground" and "niche". Now it's on the verge of tearing through America's sternum. Adult Swim's Metalocalypse finishes up its third season this Sunday, so to honor the genre, we take a look at the Scariest Bands of All-Time. Hail Satan!

Sep 29, 2010

7 Hip Hop Albums You Haven’t Listened To Yet

Hip Hop, it's some of the best music on Earth. Not to be confused with rap, which dominates the airwaves and is rife with bad lyrics, dance instructions and outrageously lavish music videos (where most high priced items are rented and the money's fake). Here are seven albums that truly define how Hip Hop should sound. If you HAVE heard these albums, spread the love. Run and tell that!

Sep 20, 2010

10 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Guy in Hollywood

While actresses and female pop stars are spending all their time and money doing all that they can to get noticed (Lindsay Lohan -- I'm talking to you), it seems like the men are sitting back enjoying the ride, proving that it's great to be a guy in Hollywood!

Sep 18, 2010

Tired Of The Same Ol’ Crap? Check These Must-Hear Music Acts

If you're tired of listening to the same old crap -- especially if you're an FM radio junkie -- now is the time to expand your horizons. The world is absolutely teeming with excellent artists who have a few things to say outside the realm of "get drunk/get high/get laid/bust a cap/smack a ho/check my rims." Sometimes, they don't say anything at all. "Music without lyrics?!" you ask, outraged. Yes, and it's often better that way. Here are some artists that might not be at the top of the charts, but deserve a listen all the same:

Sep 15, 2010

Can You Handle Chelsea Handler Getting Manhandled?

Egotastic reports is set to unleash a sex tape of E! talk show host Chelsea Handler who recently hosted MTV's Video Music Awards. Rumors have been circulating for the past four months that Handler recorded one more than a decade ago before she hit it big. From the stills leaked by Egotastic, it's less LOL and more XXX. Is this yet another celeb sex tape that could've made millions? Will celebs ever learn how to make a sex tape and not get caught? WHEN IS OLIVIA MUNN GONNA SACK UP AND MAKE ONE?!?!

Sep 12, 2010

9 Great Songs to Listen to When You’re High

If smoking does not put you in the perfect emotional state already, then there are songs specifically made for people just like you. Rappers and mostly any musician of the 1970's smoked a lot of weed when they were making their music. So they know what it's like when you have that deep yearning for a sound in your life that you need to be hearing at that moment. These are songs by potheads made for potheads. They're intended to entertain as well as give the stoner an even better reason to keep their high strong and their head in the clouds.

Aug 24, 2010

5 Sweet Rock Star Movie Appearances

Okay, I’ll admit that musicians aren’t necessarily the best actors (hell, a lot of actors aren’t always the best actors),...

Aug 20, 2010

Hot Summer Music: 5 Questions with the Dirty Heads

When talking about the surf, sun, sand and sounds of summer - having plenty of smokin' hot tunes are absolutely necessary to solidify the perfect season. COED spoke with Jared Watson – a founding member of Huntington Beach based band The Dirty Heads -- and asked 5 quick questions that cover the basic necessities of being a super cool, red hot and wildly popular hybrid of rock, acoustic and hip-hop fun that is appreciated by everyone from coast to coast.

Aug 4, 2010

10 Things Every Guy Should Own (But Doesn’t)

How would you like to be the guy that everyone guy wants to know and every girls wants to date? Are you nodding your head yes, but thinking, "that's impossible, I'm just a cubicle worker who spends my day surfing NSFW websites?" Well cheer up and get excited because here are ten things that you should own if you're aspiring to be the perfect man.

Jul 20, 2010

Life Lessons at the Strip Club

Obnoxiously bright blues, greens and various shades of pink are walking, talking and dancing all around me. For some reason the intensely colored, and revealing dresses are the focus of my attention initially, not the girls wearing them. I can’t help but think this was a bad idea. I’m nervous. This isn’t an excited, happy nervous; it’s an anxious, uncomfortable nervous. I’ve never been to a strip club before.

Jul 16, 2010

How to Create The Ultimate Power Hour Playlist

Quarters, beer pong, boat races, and flip cup are all perfectly suitable methods of taking down beer, but they all pale in comparison to the guzzling glory that is The Power Hour. 60 minutes, 60 one-minute songs, 60 shots of beer. With the proper selection of tunes we guarantee your pre-game will never be the same; and with that in mind we offer you the following guide in creating your hour of power.

Jul 14, 2010

14 Dumbest Rap Lyrics of All Time

Rappers all say or do pretty stupid things at times. Take a look at the picture above and that's idiocy in a nutshell. Millions of dollars are going out to these performers who come up with the gems we are about to discuss. While at first you may think to yourself, "wow I love this song." You soon start to ask yourself "but what the heck is he talking about?" We have listened to rap music for 30 years now and have narrowed the worst lyrics down to 14 biggest offenders.

Jul 5, 2010

Songs Advocating The Love of Mary Jane

Lookin’ for some new tunes to listen to, preferably while you’re enjoying the imaginary view you have of sitting above the clouds as your body feels like it’s floating up to the sky? This list of songs will have numerous tracks from different eras that will please any pot-smoker’s ears as they listen to their favorite plant being praised by the musical genius of several artists whom, too, have found the love of Mary Jane to be irresistible.

Jun 28, 2010

10 Things Lebron James Should Do Next Season Other Than Play Basketball

Will he leave? Will he stay? The courtship of Lebron James is in full throttle and sports fans across the nation are eagerly anticipating a hint as to where King James might be building his next castle. But the real question is, why the hell should he keep playing anywhere? Sure he doesn't have any championships, but LBJ does have ooddles of money -- so why not give something else a go?

Jun 13, 2010

5 Music Collaborations That Would Blow Up The Charts

Great things can happen when two completely different artists come together to make music. At some point we've all thought to ourselves,"Wow. If those two did a song together, it would be one for the books." Here are the top five musical collaborations that would blow up the charts and make music history.

Jun 12, 2010

The 9 Songs No Guy Will Admit to Owning

It's true, at the end of a long day it's absolutely mandatory to close off the rest of the world and blast some Taylor Swift tunes. We play these songs at the gym, in our dorms, apartments, and in our cars (windows completely rolled up). Who knew that so many dudes out there secretly listened to the exact same music as their girlfriends?

Jun 10, 2010’s Free 2010 Bonnaroo Artist Playlist

Bummed because you couldn't make it to Bonnaroo this weekend to see bonnaroo-bies and smoke unidentifiable drugs passed to you by strangers with uncomfortable amounts of facial hair? Well chillax, because we've got something even better to show you. Our favorite fun-loving music mag, SPIN, is offering an absolutely free Bonnaroo album that's available for you to downloadso that you can celebrate from your cubicle.

Jun 1, 2010

What Your Favorite Band Says About You

Summer has officially arrived which means the major concert season is here! Rock on. If you're willing to have your dignity sucked away by Ticketmaster's "convenience charge", there are a ton of tours, festivals and events that you can hit up all summer long. Music is an incredibly personal relationship, but that doesn't mean we can't judge you for your love. Here's who you are, based on the tunes you love.

May 6, 2010

COED Exclusive Interview: Deftones

COED spoke with the Deftone's newest addition - bassist Sergio Vega - about what their latest album Diamond Eyes has to offer both the loyal followers and potential newcomers, what it's like to be an East Coast native rocking in a West Coast born band, his addictive pastime, and why the Deftones have pressed on after tragedy strikes.

Apr 25, 2010

Album No.4: The Very Best Of The Strokes

Apparently the Strokes are coming out with another album sometime in late 2010. And while we’re curious to see what...

Apr 20, 2010

Why Do We Celebrate 420?

How did the number 420 become the representative of stoners and weed sympathizers anyway?  What’s behind this numerical symbol?  Well,...

Apr 20, 2010

Celebrate 420 with Gifts and Swag to Fill the Stash Box

In this number's honor, there are seemingly endless options for celebration: parties, concerts, or just gathering 'round the hookah. Whether you're a smoker or simply prefer to live vicariously through weed-inspired pop culture, take note of a few must-have swag items perfect accouterments for this most special of smokey days.

Apr 17, 2010

How To Name Your Band

It seems so random, why some band names work, and others die in utero on MySpace. But one things for sure: if you wanna have a hit, you gotta have a sick name. Wanna give the rock and roll life a try? Here's a guide to naming your band.

Mar 20, 2010

Nikki Beach Gets “Juicy” During Annual 17 Hour Beach Party

One of the highlights of the Winter Music Conference held annually in Miami is Nikki Beach’s incredible Juicy Beach Party! The seventeen hour marathon sells out every year, and welcomes upwards of 7,000 reveling and scantily clad babes.

Feb 26, 2010

Zen Meets Pop with Electronic Pioneers KRAFTWERK

Say hello to Kraftwerks – no, make that go back to 1974 and say hello there. Four decades of electronic...

Feb 22, 2010

John Mayer’s 16 Douchiest Quotes So Far

Honestly, I never paid too much attention to John Mayer. Sure, his earlier music hits were like lollipops from a...

Feb 19, 2010

Look Up From Below, it’s Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I couldn't wait to chime in on the most interesting new band I've heard in a while. Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros is the folk-rock brainchild of Alex Ebert former Ima Robot frontman. He says the band's musical style is a tribute to their efforts to follow their most childlike musical impulses.

Feb 1, 2010

Megan Fox To Appear On Tonight’s Episode Of The Buried Life!

On tonight’s all new episode of MTV’s “The Buried Life,” the guys head out to accomplish number 39 on the...

Jan 31, 2010

Coed Magazine’s 14 Days of Valentine Gifts Guide!

Everyday we’re bringing you an assortment of Valentines gift ideas for that “soon to be the bane of your existence”...

Jan 25, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Fever at Bagatelle

Just because the secrets out on New York City's biggest afternoon party - Bistro Bagatelle - doesn't mean you'll be able to get in. The Saturday afternoon brunch broadcast live on Sirius Radio BPM (Channel 36) is booked over four months in advance!

Jan 23, 2010

Ultimate Ibiza: Coed Invading Ibiza AGAIN in 2010

We”re Going To Ibiza!” Yes, it’s back to Ibiza for Coed Magazine in 2010! Are you ready for the ultimate...

Jan 19, 2010

Earphones Worth More Than Your Head

Are you ready to “Pimp Your Head” and take those famous white Ipod ear buds to the next level? Ultimate Ears is like Ed Hardy for the Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup.

Jan 19, 2010

Shower With Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera

Want to be one up on Michael Phelps? Then don’t ditch that iPod before you dive in – wear an...

Jan 15, 2010

Chicks With Instruments

What’s hotter then a super smokin’ babe who can rock out musically? Well…nothing if you ask me! With the 2010...

Jan 11, 2010

Hot Women and House Music at Sea

Is the Miami Winter Music Conference too expensive in the current economy?  Well your friends at Coed Magazine are here...

Nov 24, 2009

50 Cent’s NYC MySpace Album Release Show Pictures

50 Cent took over NYC last night with his MySpace album release show at Highline Ballroom. 50 rocked the crowd for over an hour performing his classic hits as well as songs from his new album Before I Self Destruct, he also welcomed special guests to the stage including his G-Unit crew and Beanie Sigel. Tonight MySpace will be airing the show so make sure you tune-in to at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Nov 19, 2009

South Park’s (Too Many Minorities) Not My Water Park [Video & Lyrics]

Out of the myriad of things wrong with today's society, we need to thank Matt and Trey for calling attention to one of the greatest underlying causes of racial tension in the United States. Urination etiquette is of course the underlying issue, but as we all learned last night - there are just too many minorities in our waterparks. (To be fair though, there are a growing number of fat white people wearing t-shirts in the pool as well.)

Oct 27, 2009

White Denim’s New Album, “Fits” Will Rock Your Pants Off

Back in 2005, three veterans of the Austin, Texas music scene, bassist Steve Terebecki, drummer Josh Block and singer-guitarist James Petralli, joined forces for what would become White Denim. The band debuted with their 2008 release, Workout Holiday, and the single, "Let's Talk About It" garnered them a healthy following in the UK. But it’s their latest album, Fits, that will give them some due attention back home.

Aug 7, 2009

All Strippers, All The Time

This morning, we came across what has to be the sweetest internet radio station of all-time: No, you're not going to find your favorite indie bands on here, you f**king hipsters. What you are going to get is non-stop stripper tunes that'll send you straight back to that night you got the clap. I mean, the name of the radio station is The Pole! Jesus Christ...