Tory Lanez Suggests Megan Thee Stallion Lied About Him Shooting Her

In a very questionable move, Tory Lanez broke his silence on the Megan Thee Stallion incident where he has been accused of shooting the Houston rapper in the foot. Rather than give a detailed account of his side of the story, Lanez stunned fans by responding with a 17-track project titled Daystar on SoundCloud.

On the of the tracks on the album, “Money Over Fallouts,” provides commentary on the incident but it may not be what you think.

Rather than an apology or any clarity, Lanez openly suggests that Megan Thee Stallion lied about the shooting and that people in her ear convinced her to frame him for the shooting.

The track goes:

Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on a affidavit
Knowing I ain’t do it but I’m coming at my truest
Trying to keep this sh*t 200 with you, shorty, I can’t prove it
But those people in your ear, they the true ones that I fear
They really got you thinking Tory Lanez would do you in for real
Don’t forget you was my b*tch, I held it down and kept it real
I would never paint no fake picture of you just for some mills
And I thought you was solid too, but look at how you doing me
Look at how you doing me, people trying to ruin me

You can listen to the project below:

Megan Thee Stallion has previously been very adamant that Lanez was the one who pulled the trigger.

“Yes, this n***a Tory shot me. You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs, lying and shit,” she said following the incident. “Stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you’re dragging it. I never hit you. Motherf*ckers were like, ‘Oh she’s mad ’cause he’s trying to fuck with Kylie Jenner.’ No I wasn’t.’ You shot me.

“I get out the car … I don’t want to argue anymore. I get out. I’m walking away. This n***a, from out the back seat of the car, starts shooting me. You shot me! I didn’t get cut by no glass. The police come, I’m scared. All this shit going on with the police? The police is shooting motherf*ckers for anything. The police was literally killing Black people for no motherfucking reason.

“You think I’m about to tell the police that we—n***as, us Black people—got a gun in the car? You want me to tell them we got in a gun in a car so they can shoot all of us up? N***a, I’m scared … Why the f*ck would I tell [the police] somebody got a gun in this car and this n***a shot me? So I can get shot, you can shot, she can get shot, he can get shot?”

TMZ reported shortly after that there was evidence of Lanez apologizing to Megan Thee Stallion for the incident where he claimed he was “too drunk.” This certainly won’t be the last we hear about the shooting.

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