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  • Stevie Wonder’s Do, Civil War Friends, Pitbull’s Pick Up Line [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, Sublime's "Summertime" beat out DJ Khaled's "On One" to earn Song of the Week honors. This week, we feature tracks from Stevie Wonder, the Civil Wars, Chris Brown, Pitbull, and Bon Iver. Read why our music man Al Jones picked 'em, take a listen then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • The Miami Heat’s Post-Game Locker Room Playlist According to Twitter

    Last night, the Mavs avenged their '06 Finals loss to the Heat with a decisive Game 6 victory over the Big Three in Miami for their first NBA title. It seems everyone and their Delonte West-banging mother rooted agaisnt the cHeat, painting Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh like immature, taunting, childish, crybaby super villains. We feel Twitter is always a good measuring stick / barometer for public reaction, so it's no surprise that #heatlockerroomplaylist is trending. People are more pumped to see the Heat lose than the Mavs win. We sifted through the piles of suggestions to come up with the best of the best. Take a listen then suggest your own in the comments section below our partner links after the jump shot.

  • Bonnaroo Jesus Approves RCRD LBL’s Bonnaroo 2011 Mix [24 SONGS]

    Bonnaroo 2011 kicked off yesterday, so to celebrate another stellar festival in Manchester, Tennessee, our amigos at RCRD LBL have delivered onto us their Bonnaroo 2011 playlist. From massive headliners such as Lil Wayne and Arcade Fire to indie favorites like Sleigh Bells, Wavves and Deerhunter, they've prepared this special Bonnaroo playlist from their catalog that includes exclusive remixes, fan favorites and everything in between to fully experience the festival's deep bill. Check out 24 awesome tracks after the jump.

  • Summertime in The LBC, Khaled’s On One, Jim Jones Believes In Magic [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, Radiohead's High and Dry beat out Adele's Someone Like You to earn Song of the Week honors. This week features tracks from Sublime, DJ Khaled, Foster the People, Jim Jones, and Danger Mouse. Read why our music man Al Jones picked 'em, take a listen then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • Adele’s The Queen of Heartache, Radiohead’s High, Jeremih’s Motivated [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, DMB crushed the competition by garnering more than 75% of the total vote to win favorite song of the week honors. This week, we feature tracks from Adele, The Antlers, Ra Ra Riot, Jeremih, and Radiohead. Take a listen let us know which one you're feeling the most in our poll at the bottom of the post.

  • Dudes Dance To Dubstep Via Magical Headphones [VIDEO]

    With its hard, murderous bass and insane highs and lows, dubstep really could be the low down, dirtiest genre of music out there. I know from personal experience, as it's the reason for my sudden entry into puberty. The guys in this video seem to understand the power of dubstep after they pick up what appears to be a simple pair of headphones. By the way, the song you hear in the video is "Louder"- DJ Fresh (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix). Check it out after the jump!

  • COED’s Summer 2011 Concert & Music Festival Guide

    As the late, great lead singer of Sublime Bradley Nowell once sang “Summer time and the living’s easy." What makes the living easy (besides the weather, beaches, pools, barbecues, girls, and baseball)? How about the crazy good concerts and music festivals? There is nothing better than going to see a show on a nice summer day or night with a fun group of friends. Although in past years ticket prices have been rather outrageous, many artists are making changes to accommodate their fans in today’s tough economic times. I have put together a little guide to let you know about some great shows worth catching this summer. Check it out after the jump!

  • Cam’Ron’s Down & Out, Naked Dream Punching, Hold On To My Morning Jacket [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    TV On the Radio's "Will Do" was your favorite song last week, earning 60% of the total vote. With only 2 more weeks left until Memorial Day Weekend, this week's featured songs will definitely get you in the summer spirit. We have tracks from My Morning Jacket, Glen Hansard, Frank Ocean (no relation to Billy), The Naked and the Famous, and ... Cam'Ron? You bet! Check out which songs made the list and vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom of the post after the jump!

  • 46 Trent Reznor Facts That Make Chuck Norris Look Like Justin Bieber

    May 17th is Trent Reznor's 46th birthday. For those of you who are unaware of Trent's work, he was the front man for Nine Inch Nailswhich makes his Oscar for Best Soundtrack (The Social Network) even more impressive. If none of that matters to you, he also hates Fred Durst. There, now you should care about him. In celebration of his arrival into this twisted world, here are 46 other fun facts about Trent you might not have known about. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • The Glorious Guild of Ganja Guitarists [VIDEOS]

    Mary Jane and musicians have been traveling companions since the two were introduced to each other, and they show no signs of breaking up. Her smooth caress has inspired many to use their hands to walk up and down a guitar fretboard after loading a bowl or rolling a joint. Throughout the generations of shredders, bluesmen, rockers, rollers and mamma-jammas, the romance has remained ablaze. Which guitarists are enamored most with the green goddess? Look, listen and learn after the jump.

  • London’s Wine, Mary J’s Naked, Jessie J’s Perfect [Songs of the Week]

    Last week, Death Cab For Cutie's "You Are Not A Tourist" tied with the Beastie Boys "Make Some Noise" for favorite song of the week. This week, music man Al Jones navigates the turbulence brought on by Osama Bin Laden's death, the Lakers exit from the playoffs, and the NFL Lockout with some tricked out tracks and jubilant jams from Jessie J, TV on the Radio, MNDR, Mary J. Blige, and Theophilus London. Check 'em out and vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • The 9 Most Offensive Songs In Music History [NSFW VIDEOS, POLL]

    The United States of America. Home of the free, home of the brave, and the home to the vile cesspool of filth that is the music industry! Every year or so, mankind is helpless against an onslaught of music so awful and offensive that we're forced to buckle from the pressure and helplessly allow the blood to gush from our ears like Old Faithful! While the list of horrible music is innumerable, which ones make us want to rip our ear drums out or write to our congressman in indignation? Check out our list of 9 of the most offensive songs in music history after the jump!

  • Tyler the Creator Makes Eminem Look Like Miley Cyrus [NSFW VIDEOS, LYRICS]

    Watch out Ringtone Rap, because yesterday, Tyler the Creator's new album "Goblin" leaked. If you've never heard of him, you should check him out. Why? Because imagine Eminem wrote lyrics on the worst day of his life and that's what this twisted 20-year-old comes up with on a regular basis. And unlike that Juggalo Screamcore baloney, Tyler actually makes it work, spitting fire that comes with cockroaches and vomit (just watch the video below and you'll see what we mean). While he gets a bad rap from the media because of his content, he claims that some of it he means and some of it he doesn't. Read the lyrics and check out the videos after the jump!

  • Facebook’s First-Ever Radio Station, WCKD

    The music scene can be a rough place for new, up-and-coming bands trying to get some exposure in a world that's already over-saturated with other artists vying for the same goal. With a lack of outlets to do so, many bands lose the ambition to keep pushing on and call the quits on their musical journey. Wicked Audio - an industry leader in headphone manufacturing and design - has heard the pleas of the despondent and have created a revolutionary new platform on Facebook that allows bands to get their moment in the spotlight - WCKD Radio. Take a listen after the jump!

  • Death Cab For Tourists, Noisy Boys, Fleet Foxes [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, "Windows" by Broken Bells tied with You Ain't No DJ by Big Boi & Yelawolf for your favorite Song of the Week ("SOTW"). This week's tracks feature joints from Death Cab for Cutie, Beastie Boys, Fleet Foxes, Sade and Jay-Z, and R. Kelly. Check out which of their songs made music maestro Al Jones' list then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • The 20 Most Useless College Degrees

    "It doesn't matter what you major in, all that matters is getting that degree in your hand." This phrase was thrown around by my parents so much that I actually believed it, or at least wanted to. Thanks, parents. Here's a list of the 20 most useless degrees a student can get. If you are surprised to see your major on this list don't be hurt - at least you had fun in college, right? Check out the other suckers (myself included) who thought they made the right choice after the jump!

  • DJ Pauly D’s Tour Rider & 7 Other WTF Musician Requests

    The Smoking Gun released Pauly D's tour rider recently and it might open some eyes. By no means is this the most ridiculous tour rider, and given Pauly D's unbelievable attention to detail it's almost to be expected but it brings to mind other historically absurd requests and demands from the music industry's most peculiar and fickle artists. See our list then check out the Jersey Shore star's demands after the jump.

  • 50 Crazy Kick-Axe Guitars [PHOTOS]

    April is International Guitar Month. During these shower-heavy days, musicians who get randy over riffs are encouraged to pick up an axe and shred their cares away. Unlike most other instruments, the guitar comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Some even talk! So, why April? We have no idea. Is it because the best guitarists were born in April? Because the first guitar was invented in April? While searching the far corners of the universe for the answer, we stumbled across some pretty gnarly pics of kick ass guitars that will split your skull. Check' em out below and rock on!

  • TV

    15 Sexiest American Idol Contestants of All-Time

    With Pia Toscano getting booted from this season of American Idol, you might think American hates hot chicks. But as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out last night, American Idol's voters and fans (read:13 year old girls who love boys, even when they're flaming gay) are to blame. Since the show began ten years ago, beautiful woman from all walks of life have flocked towards the spotlight, all of them striving to become the next great American Idol, but few have ever won. Thanks, 13 year old girls. With the tenth season of American Idol currently in full swing, let's take a moment to look at the 15 sexiest women of American Idol after the jump!

  • Songs of the Week: Lykke Li Doesn’t Lead, Big Boi’s No DJ, Broken Bells FTW [VIDEOS]

    Last week, Wiz Khalifa continued to kill it attracting 45% of your votes to win Favorite Song for the week of April 3rd. This week’s jams will hit you harder than a Kemba Walker crossover and won't disappoint like a live viewing of Charlie Sheen’s My Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour. We've got tracks from newcomer Lykke Li, Big Boi and Yelawolf, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, Broken Bells, and an oldie but goodie from Heart. See our picks and vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • 11 Things You’ll See At Coachella…Like It Or Not.

    Coachella's a 3-day annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California. Acts like Rage Against the Machine, Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction have reunited at this major event with M.I.A., Chemical Brothers, and the Black Keys among the most frequent performers. This year's lineup includes Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Interpol, The Strokes, Duran Duran, The National, and Wiz Khalifa to name a few. What should you expect if you're one of the lucky few to snag a ticket? We've got 11 things you're guaranteed to see along with the full lineup after the jump!

  • Kanye West vs. Bob Dylan [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Is Kanye West the contemporary version of Bob Dylan? Hard to picture. Both have been embroiled in controversy. Both are considered eccentric. But their genres and styles are completely different, right? Maybe not. The folks at decided to put Kanye’s "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (2010) up against Dylan’s "Highway 61 Revisited" (1965) in the infographic by peeling away the layers and getting down to the core of each artists' melodies by the numbers. Check out the infographic after the jump!

  • Songs Of The Week: LCD Soundsystem’s Great Goodbye, Wiz Isn’t Tired, Britney’s Back

    Last week, Graffiti6's "Stare into the Sun" edged out Warren G's "Regulate" featuring the late, great Nate Dogg to take Top Song Of The Week ("SOTW") honors. This week, our version of mixmaster Mike, Al Jones, shows us his favorite Songs of the Week, which feature tracks from artists like Britney Spears, Wiz Khalifa, The Submarines, Dynamite Hack (remember them!?), and LCD Soundsystem, who bid a fond farewell at Madison Square Garden recently. Check out his picks and listen to the jams after the jiznump! (EW!)

  • 12 Rarely-Seen Keith Richards Photos

    Right around this time around 49 years ago, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met future Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones at a London blues club. The rest, as they say, is history. Since that fateful day, the Rolling Stones have become one of the greatest (some would say THE greatest) rock bands of all-time. As for the eternal one, Keith Richards, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him as the "10th greatest guitarist of all time". He co-wrote 14 songs with Mick Jagger that were listed on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time". And, he's got one smoking hot daughter. We honor his timeless spirit with this gallery of rarely seen photos. See 'em after the jump!

  • Kurt Cobain Died 17 Years Ago Today [57 PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

    To quote the great Bill Hicks, "We live in a world where John Lennon was murdered, yet Barry Manilow continues to put out f**king albums."  And, even though Kurt Cobain's death was ruled a suicide surrounded by controversy, the end result holds equally sad but true. Seventeen years after his tragic death, you'd be hard pressed to find another Kurt Cobain. He, like Lennon, Elvis, MJ, and Dylan, is in a class of his own, imitated but never duplicated. Though he felt his music had ceased to inspire, a litany of fans, critics, and respected publications would feel otherwise. As our tribute, we’ve pulled together 57 rarely seen photos and videos of Kurt with his fellow band members. Come as you are and see them after the jump.

  • Crazy Old Man Led Zeppelin Dance [VIDEO]

    Look at this hard rockin' geriatric bust a move! While most senior citizens are sitting around complaining about gout or a nasty case of gallstones, this guy's kicking those things to the curb and getting down to some Led Zeppelin tunes, even if they happen to be sung by a cover band. And for an old man that's clearly inebriated, you really have to give him credit for not stumbling around, falling flat on his ass. It's a real shame that Led Zeppelin won't be doing anymore reunion tours because this old guy would make for one sick opening act! But it makes you wonder, if grandpa is this cool, how awesome is the rest of the family? See this video for yourself!

  • The Whitest Girl on Earth Sings The Outhere Brothers “Boom Boom Boom” [VIDEO]

    This chick on YouTube, Cathymaay15, has only 9 uploads on her user channel over a week's time, but is already "done" with the world's largest video portal. Why's that? She has a knack for singing jams in the worst possible way. Terrible? No, terribly AWESOME! I've heard a million covers of The Outhere Brothers classic, "Boom Boom Boom" but this version might be the one you just...can't...stop...playing. Everybody say way-ho after the jump!

  • Songs of the Week: Warpaint, Graffiti6 Goes Blind, RIP Nate Dogg

    Last week, Alice in Chains "Heaven Beside You" was your favorite song, earning 52% of the vote. This week's songs feature Tyga, the lovely and leggy Jessie J, Warpaint, Graffiti6, and a tribute to Nate Dogg. See which tracks made the list after the jump!

  • It’s A New Semester At Cartoon University [LINKS]

    • Even The Lord Of The Thundercats Gains The "Freshman 15" • Cute Dog Ruins Women's Soccer Match • Maxim Gets Their Hands On The Nintendo 3DSCharlies Sheen's Bangin' 7 Tracks To Have Sex To • See The Trailer For The "First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot" • 6 Brilliant Inventions That Look Like Gag Gifts See More Awesome Links!

  • Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Parody [VIDEO]

    If there's anything worse than an obnoxious, nausea-inducing viral video, it's a shameless parody of said viral video - and Rebecca Black's "Friday" has them in spades! While most of them are either people's live-from-their-bedroom reaction videos (like others really care what they think) or some goons hitting the street lip-syncing to the song, I actually found one that, despite the protests of my jaded heart, was legitimately funny and had some great production values (as well as giving us an idea of what Rebecca Black will look like in 20 years). On top of that, this parody's packing shrimp juice and vomit jokes aplenty - dammit, they got me! As great as this parody is, it got only around 200,000 views - so let's change all that by watching this video!

  • Songs Of The Week: Katy & Kanye, Eminem’s Boys, Biggie, and Alice in Chains

    Last week, Rihanna's S&M remix featuring J. Cole crushed the competition with 42% of the vote for favorite Song of the Week ("SOTW"). This week, our featured songs include jams from Adele, Biggie Smalls, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, and Alice in Chains. Check out Al Jones' reasons why their tracks made his list then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • Everlast Moves Back Into the House of Pain [INTERVIEW]

    You may know him as Whitey Ford, Mr. White, or Erik Schrody, but his most famous alter ego is of course - Everlast.  Starting his career in the late 80s, the Ice-T protegé soon trekked through two decades doing everything from fronting House of Pain to acting to winning a Grammy with Santana to joining La Coka Nostra. Read our full interview with Everlast after the jump!

  • Start Your Hump Day With Sexy Sax Man [VIDEO]

    Lamenting over the fact that those jazzy 80s-style saxophone solos will never make a comeback? Ask and you shall receive, because the Sexy Sax Man has heard your prayers and delivers with a soothing rendition of "Careless Whisper"! Like all of those that dare to oppose the musical status quo, Sax Man faces resistance everywhere he goes, from high school football fields to the food court at the mall. But as hard as these fascists may try, one thing holds true - you can't stop the music! See the video after the jump!