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Aug 17, 2017

Former High School Baseball Player Is Suing His Coach For Benching Him

Robbie Lopez, a former Los Altos High School baseball player, is suing the school district and his former coach because...

Sep 23, 2016

WATCH: Student Buys Teacher Pair Of Air Jordan 12 Video

Sometimes in life, there you come across teachers and mentors who really care about you and how you grow as...

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Jun 8, 2016

Alaskan Male Athlete Competes Against Girls in State Meet

A few days ago, an Alaskan male sprinter in high school placed relatively high in multiple girl track and field...

Oct 27, 2015

WATCH: South Carolina Officer Throws Student In Classroom

People are in an uproar after watching video of Officer Ben Fields, a Deputy in Columbia, South Carolina, throw a...

Jan 28, 2015

Migos Donates Whopping $1,000 To High School

Atlanta rappers Migos might rap about wearing Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, and Versace but they might not actually be as...

Aug 29, 2014

Is Yelling “F*ck Her Right In The Pu**y” At An Assembly Worth The Suspension? [VIDEO]

Footage of a student calmly declaring “F*ck her right in the pu**y” right in front of a school assembly was ...

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May 19, 2014

The 16 Most Inappropriate High-School Senior Quotes Of All Time [PHOTOS]

Here’s a quick tip to all the high-school seniors currently working on their yearbook photos and quotes: don’t overthink them....

Probably Not The Best Idea To Don Blackface For Halloween If You’re A Teacher

Or in any situation, for that matter. It is after all the 21st century. The San Diego, California high school...

Oct 31, 2013

Another Outright Heartbreaking Way To Lose A Football Game [VIDEO]

Utter joy for the victors, despair of the lifetime for the defeated. Detroit Central Catholic’s 99-yard FG return takes down...

Oct 23, 2013

Your Feel Good Of The Day: HS Football Player Loses Leg Last Year, Is Back Now For Camp

Koni Dole’s literally snapped in half during Huntley Project’s final game of the 2012 Montana high school football season. But...

Aug 29, 2013

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Apr 3, 2013

Is Hallway Swimming The Next Big Internet Meme? No, It’s Not [VIDEO]

What’s the most important part of high school? If you said “being cool,” you’re right. Your next question might be,...

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Jan 21, 2013

Light Falls On Wrestler’s Head, Finally Makes High School Wrestling Exciting [VIDEO]

Now before you get up in arms about me poking fun at a tragic incident where a giant lighting fixture...

Oct 26, 2012

If This Kid Doesn’t Eventually Break His Spine, He May Have A Future Playing Football [VIDEO]

Any time you leave your feet in the game of football, you’re asking for a world of pain. And if...

Aug 10, 2012

20 Comedians and Comedy Actors Who Dropped Out Of School

Who says having an incredible education is the only way to find fame and fortune on this planet? From Steve...

Dec 20, 2011

14 High School Classmates You’ll See Over Winter Break

You're back home for winter break and ready to show off your new partying abilities. Time to reconnect with the old crew from high school and tear sh*t up. Maybe you've heard rumors about some of the crap that happened to your classmates while away at school, or maybe you just completely cut yourself off from that world. Either way, it's time to find out who's been up to what. Thanksgiving break was short-lived, but winter break gives you plenty of man hours to catch up. To prepare you for what's in store, we put together this guide of cronies, phonies, and baloney riding ponies you'll see out and about. Check it out after the jump.

Nov 21, 2011

COED’s Homecoming Party Playlists [Class of 2002-2010]

Thanksgiving is all about football, feasting, and family. But, if you're in the 18-34 age demo, this time of year is also your high school's homecoming. You'll usually rage your face off on Blackout Wednesday, gnaw on some hair of the dog at your high school's homecoming football game against your bitter rivals, stuff your grill that night, pass out, then marvel at all the @ssholes losing their minds on Black Friday while you prep your 'puter for Cyber Monday. To get you amped for the plethora of parties bound to go down this week, we've put together playlists comprised of the past decade's most popular songs by graduating class. Check out each class's suggested playlist after the jump.

Nov 16, 2011

Should You Hook Up With Your High School Crush This Thanksgiving Break? [He Said/She Said]

To crush or not to crush, that is the question that hundreds of thousands of college freshmen will be asking themselves this Thanksgiving break when they return home for the first time. I know that a lot of you are returning home with a newfound sense of confidence and worldly knowledge, so of course there's an urge to share your experiences (and your penis) with your old high school crush. But before you go ahead and make the moves on the girl you didn't dare to before, let us help you weigh the consequences. We go through the pros and cons of hooking up with your old flame after the jump!

Sep 20, 2011

The 8 Types of Girls You “Knew” In High School

As we get older, men realize that women are always changing (their minds, their outfits, their stance on BJs, etc). In order to help us sort through the opposite sex and their difficult personalities, we've tapped into our superior raw intellect and brain-power to show you the different types of girls you "knew" in high school. If I'd had this kind of tool when I was actually in high school, I would have fathered five children by now. Illegitimately, of course. Check out our list after the jump.

Feb 9, 2011

Brooklyn Decker Photos From Her High School Days

We love all women equally but if there was one “favorite” model in COED history it would have to be...

Dec 22, 2010

The 9 High School Classmates You’ll Run Into Over Winter Break

You're done with classes, you can sleep in till noon without repercussion and chances are you're going to end up at the bar downtown, one of these nights - if you haven't just camped out there already. That means running into pretty much every person you went to high school with who you haven't talked to since graduation day. If you're not careful, things can get weird before you can say "Remember that time in pre-calc...". So here's a quick guide to the 9 types of high school classmates you'll run into over winter break to help you keep your cool.

Dec 21, 2010

50 Things We Hate About The Holidays [Happy Humbug Day!]

Today's Humbug Day. It's a day where everyone can vent their frustrations and grievances. As you get older, you start to hate Christmas more and more. All the cool stuff you remembered as a kid is long gone. We think the following things probably contributed to our hate, hate, hate.

Dec 7, 2010

Shaq’s High School Highlight Reel (VIDEO)

Shaquille O'Neal is a legend and will forever be a part of not just NBA history but sports lore. He donned the Superman 'S' way before Dwight Howard and he spits out memorable quote after memorable quote in the locker room, at press conferences, and on Twitter. The big man's in the twilight of his career, but still manages to be productive for the Celtics when he doesn't forget his meds. He's gone head to head with the likes of Ewing, Olajuwon, Robinson, but can you imagine playing against him in HIGH SCHOOL?! How bad do you think that dude sh*t his pants? Here are some of his highlights from high school.

Nov 21, 2010

Class of 2002 Homecoming Party Playlist

2002 – that transition between nu-metal and bland alterna-rock, before pseudo-indie acts like The Strokes, after boy bands and before tween Disney stars, and a few years before a clear 1980s influence. Call it the doldrums or a musical dead zone. For any college kit putting together the perfect homecoming playlist at the time, this meant hunting high and low – at the record shop or on KaZaa – for the right dance tracks. Considering the most popular singles of the year were by Nelly, J. Lo, Chad Kroeger, or Avril Lavigne, taking a Top 40 approach made you look like a too-eager-to-impress and doltish high schooler, while going too obscure meant seeming like a snotty music nerd. Check out this class's suggested homecoming party playlist after the jump.

Sep 21, 2010

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Watching Glee

The show Glee has been a monster hit. The recipe of celebrity cameos, acapella covers of pop hits, and a...

Sep 9, 2010

Movies This Week: September 10th, 2010

The holiday weekend saw audiences doing serious labor away from the movie theaters as the top earner only pulled in around $16 mil. The American outdueled Machete while Going The Distance only made it up halfway up Gross Box Office Mountain. This week's entries feature umbrella corporations, dwarves, suicide, high school wrestling, and hip hop all-star Joaquin Phoenix. Put away the coke and snort these previews, homey!

Aug 18, 2010

8 Places to Creep (Besides the Internet)

Before the technological era upped the creepiness-ante, in the days before Facebook could predict every person you ever made eye contact with or Chatroulette could link you with a myriad of pant-less strangers, there was good old fashioned being shady. So let's get back to the days of shamelessly hitting on girls and doing it like a champ

Jul 16, 2010

Movies This Week: July 16th, 2010

Despicable Me eclipsed Eclipse at the B to the O last weekend, taking in $56 mil and averaging over $16k...

Jul 15, 2010

Top 5 Classic High School Hazings

If you've done time in a High School, chances are you got yours as a 9th grader, in one way or another. That first year (of fear) was so magical for me that I developed a glandular problem, thanks to the amount of sweating needed to keep my ever quivering body cool. So in a tribute to the good ol' days, here's five classics that I don't miss, but would take any day over getting my ass burned with boiling water.

Jun 11, 2010

The 8 People You’ll Meet In Your Hometown Bar This Summer

You former freshman have moved back in with your parents and secured that summer job and, after the first couple of weeks, have discovered a sad truth: while you're a college student, summers blow. You call up the ever-dwindling number of people you still talk to from high school and see what they want to do, and at some point, somebody suggests going to the bar. Sure, why not? When you walk in, here's what you can expect to find.

May 3, 2010

140 Freaking-Awesome Prom Fail Photos

According to the movies, prom is supposed to be the most magical, wonderful night of every student's young life. From the anticipation over who will be crowned prom queen to the stress of pinning on a corsage without stabbing your date, everyone eagerly awaits this night. But for some people this night of dreams turns into a Facebook album of horrors.

Apr 26, 2010

6 Awful Drinks You Tried in High School

We all remember those moments in high school where someone sneakily pulled out a bottle of booze they found in their parent’s basement, as if it were some sort of magical elixir. Maybe we thought it would make us look cool, or maybe we were just curious, but somehow we couldn’t resist. Even if it was a seven-year old plastic pint of vodka that was sitting in someone’s Dad’s sock drawer, you’ll never forget some of the disgusting, weird drinks you tried back in high school.

Dec 27, 2009

9 High School Classmates You’ll See Over Christmas Break

You're done with classes, you can sleep in till noon without repercussion and chances are you're going to end up at the bar downtown, one of these nights - if you haven't just camped out there already. That means running into pretty much every person you went to high school with who you haven't talked to since graduation day.

Jun 12, 2009

The 8 People You’ll Meet In Your Hometown Bar This Summer

Well, school’s over for the year. You former freshman have moved back in with your parents and secured that summer...

Mar 21, 2009

Drunk Punch FAIL [Video]

It's no secret that drinking and motor skills don't mix. And as this video so awesomely demonstrates, that includes trying to punch your friend in the shoulder while being a hilarious high school kid. Not quite so sure why the other dude starts playing the drums on him man-boobs, though...

Feb 6, 2009

Enough Is Enough – LeBron Is A Copycat

After Santonio Holmes’s Super Bowl-winning touchdown reception, he emerged from the mobbing by his teammates and celebrated the catch by...

Nov 11, 2008

Another Favre Is Demolishing Passing Records

The Favre’s are doing it again in Mississippi – not only dominating on the football field but enjoying life off...

Oct 24, 2008

Please Come Down To The Office, You Have AIDS!

Students at a suburban St. Louis high school headed to the gymnasium for HIV testing this week after an infected...

Oct 2, 2008

Halloween is Dogsh*t: One Dude’s Bitter Rant

I hate Halloween. I have always hated Halloween. One of the first pictures anyone ever took of me is in...

Sep 6, 2008

Sam McGuffie’s Hurdle Proves White Men Can Jump

Folks in Cypress, Texas have known about the freakish athleticism of  Sam McGuffie since 2004.  But thanks to archival high...

Jun 19, 2008

17 Girls Pregnant At Gloucester High

In what would seem a moment of incredible shared stupidity, 17 girls at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts made a...

Nov 13, 2007

Brew Review: Old Milwaukee

Blech. Even writing about Old Milwaukee conjures up visions of pit-fires down at “The Quarry” back in high-school. (Oh, Iris...

Nov 9, 2007

The Big Girl Epidemic

“Does Your Girlfriend Act Her Age?” tells us that “the women you date should behave—and look—like grown-ups, not characters from...

Oct 19, 2007

Would You Like A Condom With That Loan, Sir?

If you live in Thailand and feel a little embarrassed about buying condoms, just take out a home loan. Kasikorn...

Oct 15, 2007

Hooters: Eat Fried Food, Feel the Misery

Hooters? Depressing? You don’t say. All I’ve ever had to do was take a look at the horrible orange and...

Sep 16, 2007

This Just In: The Dodge Ram is a Uterus

The dudes over at Truckblogs (no, I don’t usually frequent a site dedicated to all things vehicle, I was given...

Sep 10, 2007

American Pie: A Journey Through College

In 1999, a phenomenal event occurred that forever changed the way people look at pastry: American Pie debuted in movie...