Columbine High School Shooting Threat Made By Hackers During Zoom Call

A Columbine High School Zoom call between teachers and parents was interrupted by hackers. After the hackers targeted the call, they threatened violence which alarmed those who could overhear the comments, according to FOX News.

The hackers reportedly managed to show images of Nazi soldiers and other violent imagery during the call, with one shouting “Going to shoot your kid in the 2020 Columbine remake!”

“I can confirm that we are investigating a case involving a ZOOM call that occurred on August 18, 2020. During the event some of the attendees began playing loud music, using vulgar language, and showing disturbing images,” Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Mike Taplin.

“Even though the vast majority of these types of threats and actions are done to get attention, every school threat is taken seriously and investigated to the fullest extent.”

The targeted incident — which is known as “Zoombombing” — has become more popular since coronavirus-enforced quarantines and the increased amount of remote conferences. Zoom has vowed to continue to improve its security systems in an effort to halt the disturbing trend.

School administrators addressed the incident in an email to parents.

“This unfortunate and hateful display does not in any way suggest a breach or compromise to the security we have in place for our virtual learning systems. It’s unfortunate that these ‘bad actors’ took such heinous advantage of what was intended to be an opportunity for family engagement around the start of school details for the Columbine High School community,” said Tammy Schiff, chief communications officer with Jeffco Public Schools.

Authorities are asking anyone who may have information to call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at: 303-271-0211.

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