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  • MMA Fighter Quits And Hops Out Of The Cage Mid-Fight [VIDEO]

    So much for survival of the fittest. Not exactly the toughest look possible to bounce from the ring in the middle of a figh…

  • Gina Carano: Celebrate Her New Film IN THE BLOOD With 134 Action-Packed Photos!

    We sure miss her in the MMA, but we’re always happy to cheer on Gina Carano in her film career. We’ve been esp…

  • Fighter Doesn’t Obey Referee So Referee Bodyslams Fighter [VIDEO]

    What happens when you don’t listen to the referee in the middle of the match? It varies, but usually nothing more t…

  • Vicious Woman’s MMA Knockout Will Surly Kick Start Your Morning [VIDEO]

    Cup of coffee isn’t good enough for you? Well try taking a punch Jinh Yu Frey. If she doesn’t send you back to…

  • Watch This 7 Year-Old Russian Girl Dominate Her Male Opponent In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [VIDEO]

    Seeing how we’re named COED, we figured we should cover this coed 7 year-old battle, and it proved to be epic…

  • Watch Junior Dos Santos Ruin Mark Hunt’s Face [VIDEO]

    Junior Dos Santos’s name means “two saints” which refer to his right arm and right leg…

  • Because It’s Friday: MMA Taunting Fails Compilation

    It’s been a LONG week. The Boston bombing feels like it was two months ago and it was only Monday everything went do…

  • The Sexiest Active MMA Ring Girls [PHOTOS]

    Ring girls have more of a history in America than one would think.  The ladies in the ring were initially the product of 19…

  • Learn From This Dude: Josh Macin [VIDEO]

    Sometimes you need to take dating advice from someone who can demolish any of your limbs in four seconds.…

  • The Three ‘Knockouts’ You Can Expect To See In Georges St-Pierre’s Return To UFC 154 [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

    UFC fans are foaming at the bit to see the return of Georges St-Pierre this weekend as he takes on Carlos Condit for UFC 154 (November 17th, 10 PM EST). Why is that? Because of the knockouts, plain and simple.

  • Arianny Celeste [See Her Tonight on THE BURN WITH JEFF ROSS]

    Arianny Celeste guests on The Burn with Jeff Ross (10:30 pm EST, Comedy Central) We’ve adored Arianny Celeste wh…

  • MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey and Carmen Electra Fight For Your Attention [20 PHOTOS]

    Strikeforce Female Champion Ronda Rousey took some time out of her difficult training schedule to teach Playmate Carm…

  • MMA Girls Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez In A Very Sexy Behind The Scenes [34 PHOTOS]

    By now most of our readers are probably familiar with UFC girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer, but you might not ha…

  • UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste Arrested In Vegas–Still Makes It to the Fights! [15 PHOTOS]

    Arianny Celeste seems like a great gal to us–and yet the Octagon Girl almost missed the March 26th UFC Fights beca…

  • Ridiculously Hot Russian MMA Ring Girls [69 PHOTOS]

    Need a reason to get pummeled in Russia? Consider the beautiful babes who work the rings at that country’s Mixed M…

  • The 30 Most Beautiful Reasons To Watch UFC 145 [PHOTOS]

    On Saturday night, April 21st UFC 145 kicks off in Atlanta. The main card features Jon Jones and Rashad Evans fighting fo…

  • The 5 Best Sports Stories To Get You Through The Dog Days of February

    For sports fans, the stretch between the Super Bowl and MLB Opening Day can seem like an eternity. The NBA is great, but wi…

  • MMA Ring Girl Mayhem [PHOTOS]

    If you read our list of reasons why this week won’t suck, you’d know the second UFC on Fox event will take pla…

  • 22 Hot-Jiggity Gina Carano Animated GIFS

    Earlier this week, we featured a hard-hitting gallery of MMA POA turned action movie star Gina Carano. If you were on the…

  • 5 Reasons Why The UFC Surpassed Boxing

    Saturday was a great night for sports fans. I was most excited about Pacquiao-Marquez; after seeing the way these two fighters matched up in their first two fights, you knew it would be worth the $55 on PPV. But what surprised me was that when I started calling my buddies to let them know I was renting the fight, every single one of them said they’d come by as long as we were also watching the UFC on Fox at 9:00. Of course, the two events didn’t overlap so it was all the same to me, but it proved to me that in the key demographic of 18-34 year olds, MMA had clearly taken over as the king of combat sports. Click the link to see Mike D's 5 reasons for UFC surpassing boxing.

  • The Most Devastating Face Smashers For National Punch Day [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

    By now, you've probably heard about the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight that happened over the weekend. Some of you might have caught the roast of Charlie Sheen last night where Mike Tyson railed on the Charlie (not 'railed charlie', that's another story). Some of his jokes hit hard, but certainly weren't as jarring as, say, his knockout punch against Frank Bruno. Since today (September 20th) is National Punch Day, we thought we'd show you some of the most devastating punches ever caught on camera. Check out the gallery and videos after the jump.

  • Watch Heavy’s Fight Day Live Show From UFC 134 [STREAMING VIDEO]

    The UFC’s only official pre-fight show, Fight Day, returns before the historic UFC 134 event on Saturday, Aug. 27th at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hosts Dave Farra and Megan Olivi will guide you through the latest news of the week, including all the details of the landmark Fox/UFC television deal. Guests will include UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, fighters Junior dos Santos and Joseph Benavidez, and journalists John Morgan, Ben Fowlkes and Matt Brown. Check it out after the jump.

  • “Warrior” Makes “The Fighter” Look Like “Rocky V” [REVIEW, PICS, VIDEO]

    Okay so that might be a bit of an overstatement but it'll definitely exceed all expectations for both moviegoers and critics. In no way am I an MMA fan. Sure, I've been punched in the face more times than I care to admit, but I've never thrown and landed a punch in my life. Sad, I know. But, the beauty of a great movie (yes, I'm calling "Warrior" great) is that it can take a subject that isn't necessarily popular on a broad scope and make it relative or interesting to a general audience. You know when the chick you take as a date is clenching your hand so hard you hear bone crackle, that the movie's awesome. And that's what happened with "Warrior". Check out the top 4 things I took away from this advanced press screening on August 4th after the jump.

  • Watch Heavy’s UFC 133 Pre-Fight Show “Fight Day Live” [STREAMING VIDEO]

    UFC 133 takes place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Aug. 6, 2011. The event features a rematch between former light heavyweight champions Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz. Their previous match ended in a controversial draw after Ortiz was penalized a point for holding the cage. We've partnered with to bring your their hour-long pre-fight show "Fight Day Live". Hosts Dave Farra and Megan Olivi will interview UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, and Rashad Evans in addition to taking in-depth looks at each fighter's preparation along with expert analysis of the matches. Check it out after the jump.

  • 60 Babes Sporting Boxing Glove Bras [PHOTOS]

    The much-anticipated Manny Pacquaio vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley Welterweight championship fight takes place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 7th. Pacquiao's heavily favored to win and Mosley's stated if he loses badly, he'll retire. If Manny loses, he might not fight Mayweather. Each fighter will earn 7 digits, possibly 8 for this match. We decided you, the fans, should feel like a millionaire, so we now have this fightin' photo gallery of babes sporting boxing glove bras entering the ring. Ding ding! Alright gentlemen, come out clickin' after the jump!

  • Watch Heavy’s Exclusive UFC 126 Pre-Fight Show NOW [Live Stream]

    Heavy has partnered up with UFC to launch "Fight Day Live" a 90 minute pre-fight show that takes a look at the challenges facing the fighters along with their greatest accomplishments. We've teamed up with Heavy to bring you the live broadcast from UFC 126 in Las Vegas. The event will feature former Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort challenging Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva for the belt. UFC 126 will feature two preliminary fights live on Spike TV, and one preliminary fight on their Facebook stream. However, you can watch the live stream of "Fight Day Live" after the jump!

  • [Photo] UFC 125: Brandon Vera’s Broken Nose

    Thiago Silva completely destroyed Brandon Vera's face and spirit in a dominant decision win during Saturday night's UFC 125. Vera spent much of the bout on his back guarding his mug against Silva's aggressive facial assault. At the end of the fight, Silva continued slapping and taunting Vera silly, ultimately leaving the usually boistrous brawler unusually humbled. (see Silva's post fight interview here.)


  • From TUF 1 to TUF 12: The Journey of Josh Koscheck

    Tonight, Josh Koscheck will be fighting Georges St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight championship in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's comfortable being the heel and underdog against arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet in GSP. After 7 months, the one-sided flame war which started ironically enough in Montreal when Kos said the Pittsburgh Penguins would beat the Canadiens and then he would be St. Pierre so they (the fans) would lose twice. If I told you he didn't cross over from WWE but instead made his rise to the top starting on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, you may be a little hesitant. Five years and a dozen seasons later, Josh Koscheck has come full circle in the MMA world.

  • UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida, Hughes vs. Penn

    The Motor City is host to quite the Thanksgiving treat - a UFC event that will have everyone talking through the holidays. This is the first time Zuffa has brought MMA back to Detroit or its suburban jewel, The Palace of Auburn Hills since UFC 9 back in 1996. From start to finish, this PPV will be a nice break from mid-season football. Let's take a look at what's to come.

  • The 6 Hottest Chicks That Can Kick Your Ass

    Remember that one girl in P.E. with the pug face who could bench 225lbs and had more body hair than you did? You knew she could take you but that didn't seem to bother you or anyone else because she was 'one of the guys'. Forget about her - now. These lovely ladies may be easy on the eyes but don't be mistaken; these hot chicks can kick your ass, too!

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    Watch UFC 122 For FREE on Spike!

    Saturday night on Spike tv, the UFC will give you a FREE PPV. Why? Because they love their fans and understand that you're probably broke from tailgating all season. Here's what you can expect on this wonderful night of UFC 122:

  • TV

    WEC 52: Faber vs. Mizugaki

    In what is to be the second to last official World Extreme Cagefighting event, the lighter weight fighters will have one last go at it in the blue Octagon and the small paychecks. It's not as intriguing as WEC 51, but is not to say you can skip this event. On November 11th, former and future champions will entertain you for few hours - for free. Here's the top 5 reasons to tune in.

  • 26 Most Beautiful MMA Ring Girls

    MMA's growing popularity can be attributed to the brutality, the strategy, the mind games, and bigger than life personalities. However, while beasts pummel in the ring, our eyes wander out of it - to the beauties, The Ring Girls. With WEC 52 tomorrow night and Arianny Celeste showing off her Playboy spread, we thought we'd show our appreciation for the action in between the action by presenting the 26 most beautiful MMA ring girls. Catch more MMA Ring Girls with 36 MMA Ring Girls Exposed, and MMA Ring Girl-o-Rama.

  • Rhian Sugden MMA Photos

    Photos of MMA Ring Girl Rhian Sugden.…