Jessica Lopez

Pennsylvania State University Big 10 CONFERENCE

ABOUT Jessica

  • jess-lopez

Pennsylvania State University, Freshman

I love my college because….

of the unbeatable academics and beautiful campus. The amount of pride that Penn State has is so much fun too.

I really hate when…

people touch the bottom of their shoes.

I plan to major in…

Early Education and minor in Psychology! I really want to be a teacher of K-4th grade or a school psychologist for the same age group.

My hometown is awesome because…

of the open roads and farms!


At school, you can find me…

involved in a sorority and the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

The coolest class I’ve taken so far is…


My ideal first date would be…

a nice dinner where I can dress up and wear heels!

My favorite late night study snack is…

Party Mix.

If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, I would say..

to not worry about anyone but my close friends. When you get to college, only your real friends stay by your side.

I’m going to be Miss COED 2017 because…

I want to represent the best! We are Penn State!

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