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Jul 10, 2017

Minneapolis Police Officer Shoots Two Family Dogs While Investigating A Burglary

Newly released Facebook video shows the moment a uniformed Minneapolis police officer shoots innocent family dogs while investigating a robbery....

Jan 19, 2017

That New Cornball Movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Essentially Tortured Dogs In Order To Film

I don’t know if any of you have seen the trailer for that Dennis Quaid (yup, still alive) movie A...

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Dec 8, 2016

Disabled Vet Was Struggling To Find A Job Because Of His Service Dog, So Lowe’s Hired Them Both

Here’s some great news to brighten up your day. A disabled Air Force veteran named Clay Luthy was having a...

Nov 17, 2016

Feel Good Story Of The Week: Dog Saves 5-Year Old Boy With Down Syndrome Who Was Trapped In Dryer

What an awesome moment and more importantly, dogs continue to show why they are the best. In Northern Ireland, Riley...

Oct 28, 2016

Bachelor Party Stumbles Upon A Bunch Of Puppies In The Woods, Adopts Them All

You know what’s better than being at a bachelor party with a bunch of your boys? Being at a bachelor...

Sep 22, 2016

Seeing A Pug Dressed As WWE Superstars Is Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up as this Thursday afternoon drags on, you’ve come to the right place. Redditor ...

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Jun 20, 2016

News Of The Week: A Hardware Store Hired A Dog, Gave Him His Own Uniform

A man in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada was having trouble finding a job because he had a brain injury. Lowe’s, a...

The Last 9/11 Rescue Dog Was Put To Sleep Today, So Be A Patriot And Check Out The Video Of Her Final Moments

Bretagne, 16, the last surviving search dog from 9/11 was put to sleep today, and was given the full hero’s...

Jun 7, 2016

Reid Roberts: Full Story of Man Saved From Bear Attack By Dog

Reid Roberts, 46, and his dog Pacer, a border collie, were jogging through Forest for the World, a park in...

May 23, 2016

The Ten Cutest Puppy Breeds Ranked For National Puppy Day 2016

In celebration of National Puppy Day 2016, we’re going to attempt the impossible and try to rank the cutest puppies...

Mar 23, 2016

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Sep 17, 2015

Just Some Dogs Playing Sports GIFs

If you’ve seen the eye-opening documentary that is Air Bud, you know that dogs love to play sports. And if...

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Aug 5, 2015

Paris Man Saves Buried Alive Dog, Makes France Cool Again

Coming to you from France, the home of landmark human achievements such as croissants (lol) and berets (lol) , is...

Jun 25, 2015

10 Heroic Military Working Dogs Who Saved People’s Lives

The term “super soldier” has been thrown around as an idea for video games and movies, but what if I...

Jun 9, 2015

The Top 5 Best Dogs That Will Get You Laid

All dogs are a capable of being man’s best friend, but some dogs can help you in more ways than...

May 21, 2015

You’ll Never Be As Excited For Summer As These Dogs [PHOTOS]

Everyone’s excited for Memorial Day Weekend to begin and ring in the unofficial start of summer, but no one is...

Mar 26, 2015

WATCH: Fritz The Dog Just Can’t Catch, But Keeps On Trying [Video]

Flat out the worst mouth-eye coordination you will ever see in your life.

Mar 20, 2015

Air Buds: The Best Dogs Of March Madness [PHOTOS]

You don’t have to a human to be a fan of March Madness, just take a look at these dogs...

Dec 24, 2014

WATCH: Atheist Dog Doesn’t Hate Christmas, Just His Owner

I came across this video on Break this morning titled “Atheist Dog Hates Christmas and Everything It Stands For”.  So...

Aug 26, 2014

16 Cute + Cuddly Frat Hounds for National Dog Day [PHOTOS]

Today’s National Dog Day, which is the perfect excuse to look at pictures of awesome frat hounds — or the...

Jul 2, 2014

It’s Impossible Not To Love This GoPro Footage Of Dogs’ Faces [VIDEO]

Need we say more? This compilation of GoPro dog footage is one of the cutest things we’ve seen in awhile–and...

Apr 5, 2014

Dogs Watch Fedex Driver Chase His Truck Down A Hill [VIDEO]

It’s not easy driving a truck for a living. You have large blind spots. Left turns are treacherous. Sitting down...

Feb 20, 2014

Chihuahua Gangs Are A Thing Now

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the neighborhood Maryvale located in Phoenix, Arizona before…well, you’re not likely to forget it now....

Apr 8, 2013

Chinese Are Dressing Up Their Dogs In Pantyhose Because Why Not

Apparently it’s not rude to play with your food in the Far East. . “Dogs Wearing Pantyhose” is currently the...

Mar 15, 2013

‘Disarmingly’ Cute Service Dogs [43 PHOTOS]

There’s an extraordinary effect police or military working dogs have on a person’s emotions. We all know about the fear...

Feb 24, 2013

These People Need To Be Stopped [VIDEO]

People who love their dogs too much need to be stopped. Especially if the dogs are small....

Jan 25, 2013

Fulfill Your Cute Quota For The Day Early With A ‘Scottie Pinwheel’ [VIDEO]

If only your circle jerks looked this cute!...

Jan 23, 2013

This Cat Says You Are Too High And You Need To Chill Out! [VIDEO]


Jan 17, 2013

Well, This Isn’t Annoying At All: Two Dogs Skyping [VIDEO]

And to think of all the previous generations that had to spend a fortune letting their dogs talk long distance...

Dec 25, 2012

35 Suicidal Christmas Dogs Who Have No Christmas Spirit [PHOTOS]

Death is never something to joke about, especially during the holidays. Then again, neither is dressing up your dogs; that’s...

Dec 12, 2012

End Your Day With Dogs Driving Cars [VIDEO]

Newsflash: Not only do dogs love driving cars now, they also love listening to hip-hop music. As if a dog...

Nov 16, 2012

It’s Getting Cold Out There So Here Are 51 Dogs In Hoodies [51 PHOTOS]

Everyone likes hoodies — they’re comfortable and keep you warm in the winter. Dogs love hoodies too. First of all,...

Oct 1, 2012

Steve Martin and Comedy Act For Dogs [CLASSIC COMEDY OF THE DAY]

Steve Martin was the first stand up comedian to play stadiums. Such a silly sense of perverse genius is embedded into Martin's early stand up. In this rare clip (from an appearance on the Tonight Show) Steve concocts a comedy act for dogs. The only problem; if you are human being, you just won't get the jokes. But if you are a canine - you'll be rolling on the floor in hysterics and barking with laughter.

Sep 14, 2012

You’ll Eat Up These 20 Gnarly Surfing GIFs

We’re all sorts of amped up for the 2012 US Open of Surfing that’s going on this weekend. Last year...

Aug 31, 2012

21 Last Minute Summer Fun Bucket List Ideas [PHOTOS]

While summer officially ends on September 28th, we all know that the spirit of the season starts dying after Labor...

Aug 13, 2012

18 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [July 13—19]

The Olympics are over, but the preseason football games have begun! And we’re finally getting to play Darksiders II, which...

Aug 8, 2012

Animals Acting Like Sharks In Preparation of Shark Week [VIDEO]

It’s true that we’re more than a little bummed that the Olympics are coming to a close. There won’t be...

Jun 9, 2012

These Gamers Are Absolute Animals [32 PHOTOS]

What could be better than sitting down with your friends to play some video games? Having your pets play them,...

May 29, 2012

13 Ways Dogs And Divas Decided To Celebrate Memorial Day [TWITPICS]

We hope that everyone was able to spend their Memorial Day around some friends, family, and a bunch of sun....

May 26, 2012

Pets Love Natural Pillows [28 PHOTOS]

Whether they be cats, dogs, monkeys, lizards, bunnies, rodents, or men, all species seem to have one thing in common:...

Mar 25, 2012

Reason #4,592 Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats [VIDEO]

If you ever wondered what it’s like to run around like a dog (or be in Honey I Shrunk the...

Dec 23, 2011

32 Depressed Christmas Dogs In Dire Need of New Owners [PHOTOS]

this past weekend, I decided to take a stroll and what I discovered was ridiculous. There was an absurd number of dogs dressed up in Christmas attire - sweaters, hats... and the icing on the cake was most of them were wearing SHOES. I understand it's the city and there are needles pretty much everywhere, but shoes? Aren't paws nature's shoes? Maybe I'm thinking of horses. Anyway, try to put yourself in the shoes of the dogs in this sadly comical gallery of dogs in christmas garb. Sucks, right? Unless you're a swagimal, then you can pull it off. See the sadness after the jump.

Nov 17, 2011

Supercut of Animals Being D*cks [VIDEO]

Yesterday I showed you some old drunkard getting attacked by monkeys, but he deserved it for jumping into their pen. This time, these humans haven't done anything to deserve the wrath or tomfoolery of these beasts. This supercut is conclusive evidence that animals are just as thieving, horny, drunk, and violent as their homosapien compatriots. In fact, I think we can all learn a thing or two from these creatures. Check them out after the jump!

Oct 3, 2011

Crazy-Hot Peanut-Buttered Broad Goes To A Dog Park [VIDEO]

Crazy girls: every guy's dated at least one. And if they're not still being held hostage dating, the guy will tell you that the best move he ever made was breaking up with her. Sure, having crazy sex is fantastic but having to spend every other moon phase reading Tarot cards with your girlfriend can get to be too much. The girl in this video is 'Exhibit A' of a job-well-dumped. Yes, she looks amazing from a distance (and up close) but get to know her and some serious alarms should go off. "Let me go to a dog park, put peanut butter on myself, and have dogs lick me in a bikini" are not thoughts that go through a sane woman's head. Let us know how she compares with the battiest girl you've ever hooked up with in the comments section after the jump.

Sep 15, 2011

Demotivational Thursday: They See Me Rollin’ Dog Edition [23 POSTERS]

Last week, we kicked off a new COED feature called, Demotivational Thursday, which might look familiar to our Facebook fans. This week, we thought we'd produce our very own demotivational posters. Hopefully, you've seen the 'They See Me Rollin'" meme and the pic of a super chill dog hanging out in his owner's truck with his paw out the window. With those forces combined, we could rule the world. So we mashed 'em up for this epic gallery of pooches pimpin' and flossin' in various modes of transport. Check 'em out after the jump.

Jul 28, 2011

2 Dogs, 1 Subtitled Argument [VIDEO]

What's the future of television? It's 5,000 channels of puppies, kittens, babies, toddlers, and other animals arguing with each other. You've probably seen the clip of the 2 babies arguing, now we have footage of 2 huskies exchanging words via subtitles starring Mishka The Talking Husky. My guess is Mishka is the one on that piece of furniture and the one harassing her is the dude who wants to bone her. Hey man, I feel ya. I'll drop an "I love you" to tap that tooshy. Check it out after the jump.

Mar 27, 2011

VCU Stuns Kansas to Win Final Four Birth

• 11th Seeded VCU Stuns Kansas with 71 to 61 Win.

Doesn't Julian Assange already have his own secret, underground home?

• He Died For Your Flame Broiled Whoppers!

• GOOOAAAL... To The Face

• 28 Vintage Book Club Mailers

• The 7 Most Heroic Con Artists Of All Time

Mar 25, 2011

9 Bad-Ass Brock Samson Moments From “The Venture Brothers” [LINKS]

• 9 Of Brock's Best Mummy-Beating, Henchmen-Killing Moments! • The Best (And Only) Mighty Ducks Rap In Existence • Founding Fathers Or Founding Tokers? • Crazy Rich Guy Makes It Rain Money At Starbucks • It Takes A Man To Be A Bad FatherDanica Thrall Is Pretty Damn Sexy See More Awesome Links After The Jump

Mar 3, 2011

If Pets Had Megan Fox Thumbs Day [PHOTOS]

Fresh on the heels of that creepy Cravendale milk commercial - in which cats have thumbs - comes If Pets Had Thumbs Day! Seriously, what exactly does it take to get a day recognized? Is there a notary involved? Someone out there got crazy high, started talking to his dog about how it would be cool if he gave the thumbs up once in a while and then it dawned on him. HOLIDAY! Here at COED, when we think of thumbs, we think of one person - Megan Fox. Chick's crazy hot but has weird-lookin' thumbs. So, naturally, we thought what if pets had Megan Fox thumbs? Find out after the jump!

Dec 10, 2010

Suicidal Christmas Dogs [32 Photos]

If there's one type of person that needs to be shipped off to the Negative Zone, it's people who dress their dogs up in retarded outfits for the holidays (or ever, really). Not only do they choose the dumbest looking nonsense to strap onto their animal, they think the dog F'ing likes it! So let us clear something up - he doesn't f**king like it! He's a dog. Dogs enjoy things like eating sh*t off the sidewalk and sniffing other dog's balls, not being dressed to look like a goddamn elf! But since these douchebags aren't going anywhere, at least we can laugh at their animal's misery. (Just kidding - dinner at Rimjobs is on us.)

Jul 30, 2010

Movies This Week: July 30th, 2010

Inception held at number one and is poised to easily surpass its budget of $160 million with this weekend's gross. Salt gave Inception a run for its money coming in at numero dos while Life After Wartime killed it on one screen taking in $30k+. This weekend's entries feature annoying dinner guests, little brother killing heartthrobs, Killing Fields, Hef, pussies and canines, hermits, gigolos, crime lords, and an underrated Lady Gaga song.

Jul 19, 2010

What Your Favorite Things Say About You

Meeting new people is all about judging them. Whether it's his bathing suit, his grown-up beverage choice, his pooch, or even his ride, nothing is more fun than learning everything about a person from a few random details. Want to make the game more fun? Sit in a coffee shop rife with douche's stache, wait for him to take a bathroom break, and then rifle through his too cool for school iPhone. Feel free to go through his web history or his e-mail account to crack the case.

Jun 3, 2010

This is Your Pet on Drugs (40 PICS)

Think the oil spill is bad? Think the recession is a downer? Think again. There's a growing drug problem in America that's only going to get worse as the liberal media continues to ignore it. America's pets are getting high and they're getting stoned and they're ordering pizza at 3 A.M. Are you in denial that your very own Fido or Fluffy could be firing up the ole bong when you're at work? Check out the photos below and start praying that VH1 does a season of celebrity pet rehab.

Dec 13, 2009

Suicidal Christmas Dogs: 2009 Edition

If there's one type of person that needs to be shipped off to the Negative Zone, it's people who dress their dogs up in retarded outfits for the holidays (or ever, really). Not only do they choose the dumbest looking nonsense to strap onto their animal, they think the dog F'ing likes it! So let us clear something up - he doesn't f**king like it! He's a dog.

Sep 11, 2009

Dogs Humping Cats [Videos]

So, it's 9-11. And I tried really hard to think of a video that properly commemorates the tragedies that happened on this day, eight years ago. (Without, you know, getting all... weird.) But after considering the sheer insanity that's erupted since then, the only thing I could think of was dogs humping cats.

Aug 26, 2009

Hot Bikini Bitches

We apologize in advance for this one. If you came here through our RSS feed, then you're probably going to be highly disappointed - because it's National Dog Day! And to celebrate all the kick-ass canines out there, we thought we'd go out on a limb and put together a post of some hot-ass bikini bitches! As in dogs... If you ask us, this is more offensive than anything else on our Site. And that's why we like it! Enjoy!

Apr 21, 2009

The 4 Worst LOL Cats Knockoffs

Okay, those who created the website LOL Cats have made buckets full of money with their utterly simply formula: stupid pictures of cats with captions that sound like they were written by someone who wears a hockey helmet and rides the special bus...

Dec 2, 2008

Suicidal Christmas Dogs

If there’s one type of person that needs to be shipped off to the Negative Zone, it’s people who dress...

Oct 20, 2008

Vide-O-gazm: Dogs In Star Wars Costumes

We’ve got some good videos to start out the week. First up, we’ve got disappointed dogs dressed in Star Wars...

Nov 10, 2007

Caption this Picture

Despite their radical difference in size, these two dogs have something in common – Gibson the Great Dane and Boo...

Nov 1, 2007

The Daily Shocker: 87% of World to be EMO by 2020

VIDEO – An Emo Epidemic is taking over the world… or at least Great Britain. • Doggie costumes should...

Sep 17, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter (otherwise known as “Daniel Radcliffe”) may be in negotiations to be Young James Bond in a film based...

Aug 21, 2007

Michael Vick vs. The Food Chain

Yeah, yeah, yeah – dogs are cute and precious, blah, blah, blah. PETA, PETA, PETA – puppy dogs, rainbows and...