What Do Dogs Think About?

Dogs are those companions that will stay by our side no matter what. They are our best friend who will always cuddle with us when we are sad, play with us to make us smile, and help us when we are in trouble. But, have you ever stop to think what dogs think about? Those times where they are staring at you or when they are sniffing the air. Dogs have similar brains to humans but can only grow up to have a four to the five-year-old brain. This is why they like to play and nap 24/7, and they are toddlers. But, the big question is, what do they think about?


Since dog’s brains are similar to humans, they do share the same emotional factors. During emotional states, dogs have the same hormones and experience the same chemical changes as humans.  The hormone oxytocin which produces love and affection to the human body is produced in the canine body. It makes sense why dogs are man’s best friends.

Dogs are similar to humans in the sense that they do have similar emotions and they do, in fact, dream. Since their minds grow up to be equivalent to a four to five-year-old toddler, dogs do think. Toddlers are, and so are dogs. That’s why they constantly sniff everything and look in every corner in every room. Loud sounds and new faces make them want to learn more and understand what is going on.

They are smart and clever. Some dogs are much more intelligent than others. The cuteness factor comes in when they want food or belly rubs. While the thought of “if I keep bothering my person they will throw the ball for me” runs through their head regularly.


There is no real answer to what specifically dogs think about, but the only conclusion people have found is that dogs do think. There is an assortment of things they could be thinking about. Our best guess is three main thoughts are going through dog’s heads which are food, ball, and love.

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