Paris Man Saves Buried Alive Dog, Makes France Cool Again

Coming to you from France, the home of landmark human achievements such as croissants (lol) and berets (lol) , is the story of Pedro Dinis, the hero Paris deserves. Now, Dinis didn’t rid Paris of evil super villains, or diffuse a nuclear bomb, he did something far more heroic: he rescued an innocent dog.
On the morning of Saturday, August 1st, Dinis was walking his own dog when he made a shocking discovery: another dog, only this one was buried in the ground up to his ears.
Being a dog owner himself, and just a generally decent human being, Dinis acted quickly, gently digging the dog out, getting it some food and water, and bringing it to the vet. As it thankfully turns out, the dog is healthy and her life not in danger. Heart-warming story, right? Well it gets better.
Thanks to the dog’s (a Dogue de Boredeaux, by the way) tracking tattoo, local authorities were able to locate and arrest the dogs malevolent owner at his home in Carrieres-sur-Seine . Not only that, but if charged with animal cruelty in France, the penalty is up to 2 years in prison, and a 30,000 euro fine. ┬áJustice is sweet.
Luckily in America, burying dogs (or any other animal), doesn’t happen, as we understand that our dog’s are the real MVP. So do yourself a favor, France, and take notes.

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