The Ten Cutest Puppy Breeds Ranked For National Puppy Day 2016

In celebration of National Puppy Day 2016, we’re going to attempt the impossible and try to rank the cutest puppies by breed. Obviously there are going to be some people upset that their own dogs aren’t #1 on the list, but we didn’t get into this job to make everyone happy.
So how did we go about it? Great question. We carefully pored through a list of 50-something breeds of dogs and then narrowed our list down to ten. Real scientific stuff.
As you completely trash this list, keep in mind that we’re guys. So even though we’re ranking cute puppies, we’re trying to maintain some semblance of manhood.

#10 – Siberian Husky

Reasoning: Huskies are among our favorite dogs in the office, but the truth of the matter is that the little puppies look like demons. Cute demons, but demons all the same. Show me a Husky puppy that doesn’t have the face of “I want to kill you and eat your children.”
You can’t.

#9 Westie

Reasoning: It’s as though Westies literally don’t change from the moment they’re born. But where older Westies get that kind of brown tips to their coat, Westie puppies are white as a feather and completely soft.

#8 Corgi

Reasoning: Those ears. Those freaking ears. Combine that with the fact that their head is already comically oversized and you’ve got one of the best looking puppies in the world.

#7 Poodle

Reasoning: I’ll admit that this little furball is a younger puppy than the rest of the photos on this list, but I promise that his little button nose and eyes didn’t sway my opinion one way or the other.
OK maybe it did.

#6 Basset Hound

Reasoning: Those droopy ears, the droopy eyes. Basset hound puppies are the complete package. How could you not want to pick this little guy up and make him happy?

#5 Golden Retriever

Reasoning: I know this article is going to get a lot of flack for putting Golden Retrievers as #5, but that’s more a testament to the rest of the puppies than an attack on Goldens.

#4 St. Bernard

Reasoning: St. Bernards end up being massive freaking animals, so part of what makes them as puppies so lovable is that you know one day you won’t be able to lift them up. But their huge fur, gorgeous coats, and large paws helps lift up our hearts.

#3 Cavalier King Charles

Reasoning: I’m the last person to rescue an adult-sized King Charles dog, but hot damn are their puppies cute. I’ve literally never seen one until today and my opinion of them has just swung significantly.

#2 Shar Pei

Reasoning: So many folds to scratch and squeeze! Plus the fact that you’re not really sure if they can see or not, so you need to carry and hold them everywhere you go. Better to be safe, right?
I imagine this is how women feel when they see a fat newborn baby. They just want to nibble on ’em a little bit.

#1 Daschund

Reasoning: Controversial #1 pick? Absolutely, but watching baby daschunds bounce around with their long torsos, short legs is going to make me smile 10/10 times.

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