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    Neil deGrasse Tyson Memes For The Premiere Of ‘Cosmos’ [PHOTOS]

    Tonight at 9pm Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey starring Neil deGrasse Tyson will premiere on Fox and The National Geograph…

  • Real Life Success Kids Doing It Big [PIC DUMP]

    Despite our dislike of all things “children,” one of our favorite memes in the office is “Success K…

  • Celebrate Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Birthday With Truth-Spewing Memes

    One of the greatest “Science Guys” who’s ever actually called himself a “Science Guy̶…

  • Celebrate Cookie Monster’s Birthday With These Memes [Photos]

    Today is November 2 which means that it’s time to wish a happy birthday to Cookie Monster! We’re not really…

  • Enjoy These ‘Tombstone’ Memes To Honor The Anniversary Of The Gunfight At The O.K. Corral [Photos]

    Today marks the 132nd anniversary of the most famous gunfight in the history of the Old West, the gunfight at the O.K. Cor…

  • Celebrate Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Birthday With Memes [Photos]

    54 years ago today, Neil deGrasse Tyson was born. If for some reason you don’t know who Neil deGrasse Tyson is, her…

  • 10 Great Miley Cyrus Quotes—-To Get Ready for MILEY: THE MOVEMENT

    Can't wait to hear what Miley has to say on MTV tonight for Miley: The Movement? Check out our fave quotes--and then clear your head with gifs or a gallery!

  • Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man Turns 75: Happy Birthday, Jonathan Goldsmith [MEMES]

    It’s the 75th birthday of Jonathan Goldsmith–who’s enjoying his golden years as the Dos Equis spo…

  • In Honor Of The NBA All-Star Game, Here’s 10 Of Our Favorite Lebron James Memes [PHOTOS]

    Lebron James made the NBA All-Star Game this year. As he has for the past 8 seasons, too. As he will for the next 32 seasons,…

  • This Origin Of Memes Superclip Can Shut Up And Take My Money [VIDEO]

    Memes, memes everywhere. It’s no surprise that sometimes keeping up with all of them can be difficult. Trust us,…

  • Three Fantastically Failed Viral Videos! Pass Them Along!

    We enjoyed yesterday’s viral video to support the upcoming Prometheus. The only problem is that the sci-fi film…

  • 9 Things We’d Miss Most On The Internet If The World Ended Today

    Everyone’s bugging out about the world ending this year, but I’ve got some good news for you: Mass Effect…

  • 2011: The Year in Memes

    You know how TIME always gives us their Person of the Year? Once in a while, they'll include non-humans. On this day (December 26th) in 1982, they named their first non-human - the personal computer. At the time, you probably had a slew of Alpha Betas shouting "NERDS!", but over the past few years, it's consumed every last second of our lives. This year, TIME named the protestor as its Person of the Year, but we think it should've been the meme. There was a new one every other day! Though there were thousands to pore through, we've come up with about 40 of the best. Check 'em out after the jump.

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    Happy Kris Humphries Meme Wants You To Sign The Boycott Kim Kardashian Petition

    Hey y'all, so at our happy hour with Crown Royal last night, we were talking about one of our most popular stories - the Megan Fox Boycott boycott - and I proposed we boycott Kim Kardashian. Turns out this isn't a novel idea - thousands of fed up peeps have signed a petition to boycott the sex tape star. Then I read about Kris Humphries getting booed at the Garden before the Nets-Knicks game. So, I created the Happy Kris Humphries meme. Our mission is twofold: help us blow up our Happy Kris Humphries meme and boycott Kim. Click through to make a difference.

  • Hot New Meme Alert: Party Toddler Got F’d Up Last Night [PHOTOS]

    Judging by our content lately, you must think we're kid crazy - Third World Success Kid, Financial Advisor Kid, the most infamous drunk babies. We continue along those lines today with Party Toddler, the hottest meme since Hansel. Why is this so funny? Maybe because it strikes a chord with our fears of growing up. We miss the good ol' days when the biggest thing we had to worry about was not sh*tting our pants. Did it just get too real for you? Then, sit back and enjoy Party Toddler piece together his life after the jump.

  • Take Stock In The Funny New Financial Advisor Kid Meme [21 PHOTOS]

    Would you take stock advice from some child only 8 years old? I certainly would if he was the Financial Advisor Kid, the newest member of AdviceAnimals on Reddit. That's right, this baby's less than 24 hours old and there are already some serious blue chips in the bunch. If you don't know what a blue chip is, or you're just looking for a hilarious new stock tip, you should check out the best of the Financial Advisor Kid Meme after the jump!

  • What Do You Think Of The Hilarious New “Third World Success Kid” Meme? [26 PHOTOS]

    I was flipping through Reddit last night and was happily surprised when I saw a new meme blowing up. It's called "Third World Success Kid" and it's a lolz combination of the "Success Kid" and the "It's Friday, N*****!" text message that's goin' around. While the original "SK" was created to help convey a serious #winning emotion, this new one is a little more twisted (and therefore) funny. For your viewing pleasure I pulled the best, in addition to some reactions by other memes. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • The Monday Stumble: Broccoli Treehouse, Color-Changing Urinals, White People Problems

    No matter how positive you are, Mondays blow goats. No matter what you do, you just can’t get motivated to do anything productive. You’re literally and figuratively stumbling around, unfocused and aimless. Well, let us make your Monday productivity even worse! The Monday Stumble is when we take to StumbleUpon to stumble upon a bunch of random wtf photos. This week we’ve got a great gallery featuring broccoli treehouses made of toothpicks, philosoraptor on diarrhea, a deadly game of Guess Who, and a tattoo that'll rip you apart. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • 45 Funniest “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” Parody Posters

    Ohio University is known for throwing one of the craziest Halloween parties on Earth, so it's interesting / ironic that one of their student groups known as "STARS" (Students Teaching Against Racism) has created a poster campaign wagging its PC finger at those who wear "racist" Halloween costumes. Each poster in the series shows an Ohio University student of a different ethnicity holding a photograph of an offensive costume with two sentences on it: “We’re a culture, not a costume.” And “This is not who I am, and this is not okay.” The group’s president says she's "glad everyone likes our poster campaign". Yeah, everyone LOVES making fun of it. Click the link to check out the 45 funniest posters parodying the campaign.

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    Come At Me, Bro! [PHOTOS, GIFs]

    October 6th is Come and Take It Day, which celebrates a slogan used in the Texas Revolution in 1835. As soon as I saw that saying, the first thought that popped into my extremely cluttered dome-piece was the now legendary quote from roid-riddled, juice-faced gorilla Ronnie from MTV's Jersey Shore, "Come at me, bro!" Since Ron Ron barked that now infamous expression during the first season while trying to avoid a fight on the boardwalk, it's been whole-heartedly adopted into the internet meme universe. To celebrate this daring day, we've pulled together the funniest, most WTF 'Come at me, bro' photos and vids. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • The 8 Grossest, Most Disgusting, WTF, Sex-Related Internet Memes (So Far)

    The internet is good for so many things: interesting articles on Gary Busey GIFs and... porn. Yeah, a lot of the internet is taken up by porn but so what? People are into all sorts of stuff - that's what makes the world so interesting. Take for example, Mr. Hands. Allegedly, there was a man who was a high ranking official at Boeing. He moonlit as a man who went by the name 'Mr. Hands.' Mr. Hands really enjoying being mounted by horses and posting those videos online. In his most famous and final video, Mr. Hands had his colon pierced by a horse and died. The video is around the internet somewhere. If you've got the balls to watch that, you have the cajones to check out our list after the jump.

  • COED’s Ode To The Internet For OneWebDay [40 PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

    The internet is a series of tubes. It's also a playground. A religion. It's Al Gore's baby. Without it, I'd be unemployed. Safe to say, the internet saved my life. Today, September 22nd, is OneWebDay, a day in which we celebrate the internet. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the internet than with a photo gallery of frickin' hilarious "The Internet" pics, memes, and demotivational posters along with a bunch of videos. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Memorable Memes For World Alzheimer’s Day [PHOTOS]

    Alzheimer's is scary as sh*t. If there's one thing on Earth that every person should have, it's their memory. While blacking out and hearing about your ridiculous antics the night before might be funny the first couple times, think about what that would be like EVERY DAY YOU WOKE UP. It's incurable, degenerative, and terminal and most often affects those 65+. In 2006, there were 26.6 million sufferers worldwide and is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people globally by 2050. I'm convinced I'mma get it. But, instead of fearing it, I've decided to embrace it with humor. So, I've pulled together this batch of "memorable" memes that will NEVER get old. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Demotivational Thursday: They See Me Rollin’ Dog Edition [23 POSTERS]

    Last week, we kicked off a new COED feature called, Demotivational Thursday, which might look familiar to our Facebook fans. This week, we thought we'd produce our very own demotivational posters. Hopefully, you've seen the 'They See Me Rollin'" meme and the pic of a super chill dog hanging out in his owner's truck with his paw out the window. With those forces combined, we could rule the world. So we mashed 'em up for this epic gallery of pooches pimpin' and flossin' in various modes of transport. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Devastated Sean Don’t Care About Sad Keanu [PHOTOS]

    Remember "Sad Keanu"? Well, earlier today TMZ reported on Sean Penn's assistant falling down and dislocating her elbow in his shower. We couldn't help but notice the pic of Sean and his gf looking absolutely DEVASTATED that this girl injured herself. It's okay, Sean, she'll heal. Or maybe he was upset about Scarlett Johansson's leaked nude pics, which many believe were intended for his eyes only? Who knows. WE know that this kinda photo is ripe for the ridicule so we cooked up a bunch of pics featuring "Devastated Sean" for your amusement. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • The Advice Animals Meme Should Be A TV Show [18 PHOTOS, POLL]

    What the f*** are Advice Animals? They're a series of memes that, I believe, derived from the Advice Dog, which was basically a pic of a cute dog placed on a patterned background with some words of wisdom placed above and below the pooch's image. Simple enough, right? Now, I'd seen the Philosoraptor before and I thought it couldn't get any better. Holy ManBearPig, was I wrong. If CBS can make a show about a funny Twitter account, some network out there must have the courage (wolf) to take a chance on Advice Animals: The TV Series. Check out our slideshow then vote for your favorite after the jump.

  • The 25 Funniest Rock Driving In Race To Witch Mountain Memes [PHOTOS]

    I never saw Race To Witch Mountain because A) I'm a grown ass man without kids (that I know of) and B) it would've ruined my strongly held opinion that Dwayne The Rock Johnson was to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Hey, Arnie's had a handful of crappy kids' movies, too). Though RTWM got mixed reviews and was less than memorable, it did give us "The Rock Driving" meme, which is now more than 2 years old, but still gets me every time I see it. So, I decided to pull the funniest ones. Sh*t on me for being late to the game, but who says we can't appreciate the classics? Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Stay Thirsty, My Friends With The Most Interesting Man in the Universe Meme [25 PHOTOS]

    The 143rd running of the Belmont Stakes is today, June 11th. The final jewel in the Triple Crown will be run without the elusive championship at stake as 2011 Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom lost in the Preakness. Animal Kingdom will attempt to become the 12th horse to complete a Derby-Belmont double. While we got drunk and lost moolah on Mucho Macho Man in the Preakness and Kentucky Derby, we we think we're gonna go with Stay Thirsty this time around. To give the stud some inspiration we put together this photo gallery of Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man In The Universe memes. We don't always post about horse races, but when we do it's almost completely unrelated to the race itself. Stay thirsty, my friends! Check out the pics after the jump.

  • Jaimie Alexander Is Thor’s Warrior Goddess

    • Jaimie Alexander Is A Goddess Among Mortals • Naked Chicks Beat Up Bums • See why Kobe got fined $100k • Things You Could Do With Simon Cowell's Salary • Rack Of the Year Candidate: Tamara Ecclestone • Awful Romantic Comedies They'll Probably Make Next • Lady Gaga looks hot in Harpers Bazaar? See more awesome links after the jump!

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    “Did You Just See That?!” Tornado Guy [VIDEO]

    Ladies and gentleman, I think it is safe to say that the internet has found it's new Double Rainbow Guy for 2011. Meet the clearly overexcited "Did You Just See That?!" Tornado Guy and, as his name implies. his affinity for said natural weather phenomenon. While his footage of the Hempfield, Pennsylvania tornado that occurred yesterday isn't anything spectacular, his overall reaction is nothing short of priceless. It'll probably be another week or two until his popularity begins to grow on the internet, but who's to say he won't be offered spots in commercials like Double Rainbow Guy and Microsoft; weather stripping and tornado insurance companies should be knocking on his door - assuming it didn't fly off it's hinges in the storm. See the video for yourself!

  • 100 Greatest YouTube Hits in Under 4 Minutes [Video]

    This video has been making its way around the Internet for the past little bit. But it wasn't until this morning that I actually took a look. And, well, it's exactly what you think it's going to be: 100 of the greatest YouTube videos and memes in about 3 minutes 30 seconds. So, if you've been asleep for the past years, just watch this and you'll be all caught up (at least on meaningless Internet nonsense.)