Brandon 'Young Busco' Moore Tribute: 'What Are Those' Best Memes

Brandon “Young Busco” Moore passed away on Sunday, November 25 suddenly at the age of 31, according to TMZ. Moore was found dead after his heart stopped in his sleep at home. There is no word on the cause of death and the family is currently waiting for an autopsy from law enforcement officials.
No foul play was suspected.
Young Busco rose to fame as the creator of the viral “What Are Those?” meme.
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Who Is Brandon “Young Busco” Moore?”

Brandon “Young Busco” Moore, born February 28, 1987, was a social media personality who became an internet sensation thanks to his viral video on Instagram that created the “What Are Those?” meme. The video eclipsed 17 million views. Moore was born in Berkeley, California and was the father of nine children. The meme became so popular at its peak that NBA legend Michael Jordan was asked the question by a reporter during an interview.
Before Young Busco became a household name, he was reportedly in and out of jail for selling narcotics.
He was just 31 years old at the time of his death.

Best “What Are Those?” Memes & Videos

Brandon “Young Busco” Moore Videos

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