National Tequila Day 2018 Memes: Funny Photos & Images

In 2018, National Tequila Day falls on Tuesday, July 24 and there’s no reason not to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate this special day, or any day, really, than with some nice tequila? To help you get into the spirit of things, pun intended, we’ve collected some of the funniest tequila-related memes and jokes from across the web.
Some of you out there might have actually never had tequila before. In fact, there are likely people who are not entirely sure just what tequila actually is! If that is so, you have my sympathy, but I can explain. Tequila is produced only in certain parts of Mexico using the regional blue agave plant. Although considered a staple of the American Southwest, it has developed an international following over the years. While traditionally served neat in Mexico, where it was traditionally called “mezcal wine,” international variations often serve the drink with salt and lime. Seriously, who doesn’t love a drink that comes with salt!
Now, you may be asking yourself, just what is the true meaning of National Tequila Day? For starters, there are many places that offer drink specials just for the holiday. For 2018, On The Border will celebrate the holiday with $2 Classic ‘Ritas and tequila shot specials, in addition to its seasonal taco specials. Chuy’s will offer $1 Floaters and $1 off The Perfect Margarita, which is made with Patron Tequila Silver and Patron Citronage Orange, in addition to specials on beer. Abuelo’s will offer premium margaritas for $6.95 each on the holiday, according to its official website.
Given tequila’s Mexican origins, some places are bringing Mexican food into the fun; on Twitter, Acapulco Joe’s offered a free chicken or beef taco with a shot of tequila on the holiday.
That said, it’s actually a little hard to pinpoint just how National Tequila Day started. But seriously, do we really need an excuse to celebrate tequila?
Remember, you probably won’t solve all of life’s problems with tequila, but it is still fun trying!

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