An Internet Icon Has Fallen On (Self-Inflicted) Hard Times

This — this right here — is why the internet exists. Not for free information, not for social media, not for connecting with other people across the globe, not even for porn — but for memes. And more specifically, for the rise and fall of memes.
Meet “Lucky Luciano”, a seemingly regular, albeit douchy, college-aged kid who went viral for the following photo:

Why did it go viral? I haven’t the slightest clue. The internet is an unpredictable wasteland with no rhyme or reason so don’t even bother searching for an explanation (unless you want to delve into this website that actually explains the history of memes). All you need to know is that the kid from these memes:

has gotten himself into just a bittttt of trouble:

But for what, you ask? Well, a laundry list of drug charges. Lucky Luciano, whose last name appears to be Wolfe, has been charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Sell, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and an additional license plate-related offense.
Waittttt, you’re telling me that a white college kid with the Macklemore haircut got caught with weed and cocaine? No kidding?
The kid — who swears this is just some “BS” — even launched a GoFundMe.
via GoFundMe:

I recently got arrested over BS. I was followed, stalked and detained unlawfully by officers who found trying to ruin my life. They found this funny, amusing and tormented me the entire time. I sat in jail and was given no bond, my charges were upped dishonestly, and slapped with a bunch of costs. I am making this GoFundMe for the sole purpose of legal costs, court fees, bail money, most importantly trying to hire a lawyer and suing the officers for the unfairness and horrible behavior that was displayed against me. Anything helps and you are very much appreciated. Thank you all!

At the very least, you gotta respect Lucky Luciano’s commitment to douchebaggery. It’s his brand now, may as well run with it.

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