Juice WRLD ‘Inner Circle’ Suggests Plane Search May Have Been Racial Profiling

Following the death of rising rap star Juice WRLD, details continue to surface about the moments leading up to his fatal seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport. It has since been reported that federal agents and police were waiting for the 21-year-old after suspicion that the private jet may be carrying contraband.

It was later revealed that Juice WRLD swallowed multiple pills in an attempt to hide them from authorities before his death.

Then, there were reports that the rapper had been on the FBI’s radar since November, but his “inner circle” thinks there may be other factors at play. According to TMZ, his friends “think cops were merely profiling a 20-year-old rich black man who dares to fly on private jets.”

From the report:

The fact feds just happened to show up at multiple airports where he and/or his private jet were searched is enough for Juice’s inner circle to believe this might well have something to do with race and rappers. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Juice got arrested in 2018 at NYC’s La Guardia Airport after officers responded to a call for “prohibited items” found inside one of his checked bags. We’re told the items included a small amount of marijuana and bottles of codeine cough syrup. Juice was initially charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance — however we’re told he eventually pled to a much lesser, non-criminal offense. The case has since been sealed.


Juice WRLD passed away at age 21 on Sunday, December 8 after suffering seizures at Chicago’s Midway Airport in the early hours of the morning. Juice WRLD was transported to the local hospital before ultimately being declared dead. Juice WRLD had arrived in Chicago after taking a private jet from Los Angeles.

According to the report, Juice had taken “several unknown pills” before landing in Chicago and suffering his seizures. Members of the rapper’s team reportedly revealed the information to law enforcement. There was also a bottle of codeine cough syrup that was found.

In addition, 70-pounds of marijuana was seized from the plane.

Two members of Juice WRLD’s entourage — Chris Long and Henry Dean — were also arrested for possession of handguns. Both men were reportedly members of the rapper’s security team. charged with one misdemeanor count of unlawful use of a weapon. Dean, meanwhile, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon at an airport and one count of possession of a high capacity magazine and piercing bullets.

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