Juice WRLD Lyrics: Best Quotes & Most-Famous Sayings

The music industry lost another promising rapper on Sunday, December 8 when Juice WRLD suffered a “medical emergency” at Chicago’s Midway Airport. Juice WRLD reportedly suffered a seizure while walking through the airport and had blood coming out of his mouth when medical personnel arrived.

After being transported to the local hospital, Juice WRLD — whose legal name was Jarad A. Higgins — was pronounced dead.

He was just 21 years old.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Juice WRLD suffered cardiac arrest. An official autopsy will be conducted on Monday, December 9. However, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement that “there were no signs of foul play and all individuals aboard the aircraft are cooperating with CPD and have given all of their information. We are awaiting the Cook County medical examiner on the cause and manner of death.”

Since news of his passing first surfaced, fans have been playing tribute to Juice by sharing their favorite lyrics — which often referenced death, substance abuse, and heartbreak. Juice WRLD touched a lot of people during his short time on Earth thanks to his honest, emotional lyrics and real-life issues that accompanied his beautiful and catchy melodies.

The best lyrics from Juice WRLD can be seen below.

Best Juice WRLD Lyrics


This time, it was so unexpected/ Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing/ All legends fall in the making/ Sorry truth, dying young, demon youth/ What’s the 27 Club? We ain’t making it past 21/ I been going through paranoia/ So I always gotta keep a gun/ Damn, that’s the world we live in now/ Yeah, hold on, just hear me out/ They tell me I’ma be a legend I don’t want that title now/ ‘Cause all the legends seem to die out/ What the f*ck is this ’bout?

We’re perfectly imperfect children/Rose from the dust, all of us are on a mission/Never gave a f*ck, really came from rags to riches/Now we live it up, driving with the rooftop missin’

I problem solve with Styrofoam/My world revolves around a black hole/The same black hole that’s in place of my soul, uh/Empty, I feel so goddamn empty/I may go rogue

I still see your shadows in my room/Can’t take back the love that I gave you/It’s to the point where I love and I hate you/And I cannot change you so I must replace you (oh)/Easier said than done/I thought you were the one/Listening to my heart instead of my head/You found another one, but/I am the better one/I won’t let you forget me

Every day I wake up, thinkin’ ’bout the Pesos/Gettin’ bankrolls, sayin’ R.I.P. to Bankroll, keep the dank rolled/Codeine in the double cup I’m sippin’, ayy/Stevie Wonder, it’s gonna take away my vision, ayy/Double 07, with that Glock, I got precision, ayy/You be talkin’ ’bout the shit, when I been did it, ayy/Free my n*ggas in that jam/I don’t give a sh*t, and I don’t give a Hoover damn.

Chasing the lean, rotting my brain, honestly/Drugs the only thing that’s faithful to me, sorry to say/Groupie hoes wanna come my way/Come take this pic and get out my face/That champagne glass on my kitchen counter/That’s codeine in it, no Ace of Spades

“I promise, all that you will find, is a lost soul, rich and blind

All this jealousy and agony that I sit in/ I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon/ I just want real love, guess it’s been a minute/ Pissed off from the way that I don’t fit in, I don’t fit in/ Tell me what’s the secret to love, I don’t get it/ Feel like I be runnin’ a race I’m not winnin’/ Ran into the devil today, and she grinnin’

Juice WRLD Cause of Death: How Did Rapper Die?
Juice WRLD Cause of Death: How Did Rapper Die?
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