LISTEN: Nick Cannon Drops Another Eminem Diss Track ‘Pray For Him’

Nick Cannon is not backing down and continues his attempt to lure Eminem into a rap battle. In his latest effort, Cannon dropped another Eminem diss track titled “Pray for Him.” He had previously released the track “The Invitation.”

Cannon is joined by “The Black Squad” — rappers Charlie Clipse, Hitman Holla, Conceited and Prince Eazy — on the track.┬áThe track uses the beat of Jay Z’s “Renegade”.

To open the track, Conceited offers Eminem an invitation to come on Wild ‘n Out — they must really be looking for some ratings.

“You always hide in your trailer, we know you big mad (Mad)/ Get your b*tch, to run in the lap, ’cause this is gym class (Woo),” he begins. “‘Cause all my n*ggas just stand up like Sinbad/ Big Mac in the can that get rid of slim fast/ Instead of stayin’ in the booth to get your rhymin’ out/ It’s season 15, here’s your invite to Wild’n Out.”

Then, Cannon calls Eminem the “new white supremacist.”

“And viewed in America as a motherf*cking drug addict/ You’ll never be a legend (Marshall)/ Em you should really start to stare at who’s in the mirror/ Look at all the f*cking botox, b*tch, I know you’re embarrassed/ F*ck all the tricks and the gimmicks/ You like the new white supremacist/ Say the same f*ckin’ sentences/ N*gga you ain’t no lyricist/ Lam, blam, flam, flam, take xans and train xans/ I bet you never thought the kill shot will come from the cannon, blaow/ You used to be a renegade.”

After the first diss from Cannon, Eminem took to social media to respond.

“U mad bro? Stop lyin on my d*ck,” Eminem wrote on Twitter. “I never had a chauffeur, you bougie f*ck. I demand an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener so jealous.”

We will have to see whether Eminem responds to the second diss track. If he does, we have a feeling things may not be too pretty for Mr. Cannon.

You can listen to “Pray for Him” below.

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