Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/29/17

A new bug has invaded Overwatch, resulting in over a hundred innocent players being banned. Meanwhile, CS Go team Astralis has received a big-time sponsor, which is rumored to be worth seven figures. Coco Fuzion 100 will be sponsoring the team, providing the players a round of sparkling coconut water rather than caffeinated sodas or coffee.
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Astralis Is Getting Hydrated

CS GO team Astralis landed a yuge sponsorship from Coco Fuzion 100. This brand hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle/diet for the gamers, as the drink contains no sugar or caffeine.
This team has linked up with a brand selling sparkling coconut water. I’m at least curious about how that tastes…

Overwatch Discovers A Big Bug

A big bad bug was found causing trouble for players of Overwatch, causing many innocent players to be banned for no reason. This bug is currently being fixed.
A few hundred Overwatch players received seasonal bans as a result of this troublesome bug. This nuisance caused players to be stuck in a loop in the loading screen, as they tried to start the match, only to fail over and over again.
The game thought that players were just leaving on purpose, which resulted in players losing hundreds of ranked points. And if you leave too many times, you’ll receive a seasonal ban (like the few hundred who got bit bad by this bug).
However, don’t fret. Overwatch is working on the issue. They’ve already lifted all bans relating to the bug, and have restored ranked points to all the innocent players.

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