Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/28/17

Esports has turned competitive gaming into a big money sport. Cloud9 has reportedly raised over $19 million in equity financing, which is one of the largest Esports financing investment to be revealed to the public. Meanwhile, OpTic Gaming is expanding even more after joining the Overwatch League, as it acquired a new Dota 2 team to their roster.
Let’s get a rundown of both Esports stories…

Cloud9 Is Becoming Baller AF

Esports Juggernaut Cloud9 recently received a nearly record-breaking equity financing of over $19 million. And Cloud9 is looking for even more cash…$5 million more to be exact.
If Cloud9 wants to be apart of the Overwatch League and be qualified members of the League of Legends, then they’ll have to fork over at least $30 million altogether (Overwatch League costs $20 million to qualify, which means that the entry cost to be apart of the League of Legends must run up to $10 million).

OpTic Gaming Is Getting Bigger With Every Update

OpTic Gaming has expanded into Dota 2 territory. This Esports organization is well-known for first-person-shooter teams for titles such as Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Here is the full roster for the OpTic Gaming Dota 2 team: Peter ‘ppd’ Dager, Rasmus ‘Misery’ Filipsen, Ludwig ‘Zai’ Wahlberg, Quinn ‘CCNC’ Callahan, and Per Anders ‘Pajkatt’ Olsson Lille.

More Esports Now Game News!

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