Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/15/17

Welcome back to another epic edition of Esports gaming news! Artificial intelligence is getting so intelligent that it’s being to compete against humans in tournaments. Meanwhile, the Overwatch League has just expanded. Blizzard just nabbed two more $20,000,000 spots for the league, with those spots going to Houston and Philadelphia respectively, increasingly the number of teams in the Overwatch League to 13.
By the way, if you’ve pre-ordered NBA 2k18, you can pick up that bad boy today. Let’s get to a breakdown of today’s top gaming news…

Blizzard Is Getting Bigger, Baby

Yup, you heard it right. Blizzard Entertainment has picked up two big-time, big-money spots for their Overwatch League in Houston and Philadelphia. In Houston, gaming rights went to OpTic Gaming, which includes an investment with Texas Rangers co-owner Neal Leibman. While in Philly, Comcast Spectator has finalized their purchase, bringing the total of Overwatch teams in the league to 13. Comcast Spectator employs the Philadelphia Rangers as well as the sports branch of cable corporation Comcast, and now they have a spot in the crazy world of Esports.
However, the Overwatch League needs a total of 14 teams to start off season one of the series. This means Blizzard only needs to secure one more team to get the ball officially rolling. Once that’s settled, fans can expect to watch the Overwatch League series live from the new and massive Esports arena in Burbank, California.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) In Competitive Gaming

A.I. in video games is on the rise. Last month, at the Dota 2 International, OpenAI (a computer system) played and beat professional Dota 2 players. Traditionally, active gamers are known to be better than A.I. in video games, but now it appears as if computers are able to compete with flesh-and-blood gamers. Where have I seen this before? Oh, right…
Meanwhile, Heroes of the Storm appear to be the next game in line to step up their A.I. technology. They’re developing an improved artificial intelligence system with faster reaction time and better tactics. Instead of the A.I. running on several scripts, Blizzard will be using the game’s engine itself for the A.I.’s decision-making.
This smarter A.I. system may help noobs transition to competitive games online with other humans. But who knows…the machines just might take over!

Pre-orders For NBA 2K18 News

If you pre-ordered NBA 2k18 then you can pick up the game today. The official pre-order release date is Friday, September 15, 2017. If you didn’t pre-order the game then you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, September 19, to pick up the game.
This year’s game has an open-world theme, where you can practice and play basketball in a true urban setting.

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