May 7, 2020

How eSports are Sweeping Through Colleges Around the Nation

Electronic sports, also known as “eSports”, are a form of gaming that uses multiplayer competition as a way for videogame professionals to compete against one another on a digital platform.

Aug 5, 2019

EVO 2019: Grand Finals & The Victors

Evolution 2019 was the tournament to be at over the weekend. With controversial upsets happening in the early parts of...

Jul 18, 2019

Mike Tyson Just Learned About Street Fighter’s ‘Balrog’

A report from an online news source, Kotaku, states that the legendary champion boxer Mike Tyson has just learned about...

EVO 2019: Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve been living under a rock all Spring and Summer then you’ve probably missed out on some important information...

Tekken 7 Adds Walking Dead’s Negan As Playable Character

If you’re a fan of Tekken 7, Sunday was a great day. We got to witness the Top 8 at...

Aug 5, 2018

Who Is Lil Majin? Meet The USA’s Best Tekken 7 Player

With the popularity of e-sports continuing to grow, gaming legends are being born in the industry. Enter Terrelle “Lil Majin”...

Aug 5, 2018

Mar 10, 2018

2018 CWL Atlanta Open: Full Day Two Schedule & Matchups

Thanks to the amazing folks at Activision/Blizzard & MLG, COED has been invited to attend the 2018 Call of Duty...

Jan 16, 2018

FIFA eSports League: Must-See Details & Teams in eMLS League

After an incredible rise of professional eSports leagues forming all around the globe over the past year; EA Sports and...

Oct 13, 2017

Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details -10/13/17

Welcome back to another cool batch of Esports Now News! The Overwatch Contenders season one came to a close, leaving...

Oct 9, 2017

Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details -10/09/17

Esports Now is back with more competitive gaming news. Before the Overwatch League launches in December, let’s take a look...

Sep 29, 2017

Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/29/17

A new bug has invaded Overwatch, resulting in over a hundred innocent players being banned. Meanwhile, CS Go team Astralis...

Sep 28, 2017

Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/28/17

Esports has turned competitive gaming into a big money sport. Cloud9 has reportedly raised over $19 million in equity financing,...

Sep 22, 2017

Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/22/17

Interested in more Esports gaming updates? Recently, the Overwatch League expanded to their required 12 teams. However, one team, Counter...