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Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 08/11/17


The competitive gaming scene is on the rise! The Overwatch League has added two more teams to the mix. While in other news, Valve Corporation is coming out with a new game and, sadly, it’s not a Half Life sequel.

Overwatch League is growing by the minute, while Valve is coming out with a head-scratching title that is technically Dota 2 with cards.

Overwatch League is Expanding!

Overwatch has arrived in Los Angeles (again) and London, expanding the league to nine teams. Cloud9 founder Jack Etienne nabbed the rights to the London spot, while the rights to the second LA spot was bought out by Josh Kroenke of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

The Kroenke family has retained a controlling interest in numerous sports franchises, including the Los Angeles Rams, the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche,  Arsenal FC, and KSE Sports.

Each spot cost $20 million. That’s a lot of dough to invest! I guess competitive gaming is really in a boom period.

“Overwatch is a global game, with heroes and players from around the world, so it’s important to us that as many overwatch league fans have local and regional teams to root for,” said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.

There are three spots left in the Overwatch League. Who is willing to fork over a cool $20 mil to secure their place in the tournament?Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details - 08/11/17

Valve is Developing a Brand, Spanking New Video Game

During the Dota 2 International event, Valve made an announcement that may leave many scratching their heads. Valve will be coming out with a new video game, but it won’t be a sequel for Portal Half Life or even Left 4 Dead. Instead, Valve fans are treated to a game known as Artifact, which is basically a card game version of Dota 2.

You’ll be able to choose between five different heroes and battle it out…with cards that “allow you to adapt your strategy.”

Some fans are pretty ticked off to find out Valve is releasing a card game instead of an awesome shooter or puzzle-platform game. Artifact is set to hit stores sometime by 2018.

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