Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/14/17

Esports Now is back with more gamer-related drama and updates, including Twitter beef. Team Immortals CS:GO has received a lot of heat since forfeiting their place in the Dreamhack Montreal tournament this past weekend. Plus, there was a war of words on Twitter between one Immortals CS: GO member and a Counter Logic Gaming teammate. But first, Let’s see why Team Immortals CS:GO was removed from the tournament in Montreal, Canada.

Why Did Team Immortals CS:GO Forfeit Their Place In Dreamhack Montreal?

Team Immortals CS:GO actually made it to the finals of the Dreamhack Montreal. However, they were forced to forfeit a game because of not arriving on time. The team who would eventually win the tournament is Team North, who went over the Immortals, 0-2.
Tough break for those Immortals!

What’s This Twitter Beef You’re Talking About?

This cyber-beef may have gotten Team Immortals CS:GO in more heat than the fact that they had to forfeit a game in the Dreamhack Montreal tournament. One team member by the name of KNG is being criticized for reacting poorly to a tweet by another member of the Esports community.
Pujan “FNS” Mehta of Counter Logic Gaming tweeted out, “Worst part is I lost to a team with 3 players who were hung over,” after losing to the Immortals in the tournament.
Vito “KNG” Giuseppe tweeted back, “You’ll prove it or I’ll kill you.”
Following a long Twitter battle, in which Esports fans backed up both sides, Mehta claimed his comment to be “just a joke” and apologized. However, Giuseppe still refuses to apologize for his cyber-threat.
Immortals CEO Noah Whinston stated that he will address this matter internally and “actions should have consequences.”
Meanwhile, Giuseppe has been sent back to Brazil as a result of Vista issues. As a result, Team Immortals has replaced him until KNG is able to return in North America.

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