Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details – 09/22/17

Interested in more Esports gaming updates? Recently, the Overwatch League expanded to their required 12 teams. However, one team, Counter Logic Gaming decided to drop out of the league completely. Meanwhile, Cloud9 has signed a new Korean Overwatch team to their roster. Let’s get a quick rundown of both stories…

Why Did Counter Logic Gaming pull out of the Overwatch League?

Counter Logic Gaming announced their withdrawal from the Overwatch League shortly after they appointed a new Chief Operation Officer by the name of Nick Allen. The company released a statement explaining their reason for dropping out of the Overwatch League, saying that “entering the Overwatch League does not align with our goals at the present time.”
CLG isn’t the only organization to drop their team from the league. The Overwatch League is a very exclusive and expensive series, which requires a $20 million entry fee for each team. CLG currently has a well-established League of Legends team. So, the assumption is that CLG will devote its resources to join Riot Game’s League of Legends League.
Here’s some more Overwatch Info: The preseason for the Overwatch League begins on December 6, 2017. The inaugural season officially starts on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, and will last until June. League playsoffs and finals will take place in July 2018. Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will host the tournament.

Cloud9 Signs New Korean Team To Their Esports Roster

Cloud9 cites “linguistically reasons” for signing a new South Korean team to their Esports roster. The Korean team is called “Kongdoo Panthera”. C9 had also recently signed a European team known as “Laser Kittenz”.
It appears as if Kongdoo Panthera will be taking over the Overwatch League slot in London, England.
Co-founder and CEO of Cloud9 jack Etienne took to Reddit to answer questions. Etienne said that they’ve “given their players free reign to find a new team and will be playing them until they do.”
In the meantime, Laser Kittenz will continue to represent Cloud9 for the remainder of the Overwatch contenders season.

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