How To Get 280 Characters On Twitter Right Now

Twitter recently announced that it will expand its character count from 140 to 280 characters, essentially doubling your Tweet space. The feature has yet to be released to the public. However, a small group of testers have access to this feature, and, if you listen to me, you’ll be able to Tweet out 280 characters too.
Let’s not a waste another second, when you could be Tweeting your little cyber-heart out…

How Do I Get 280 Characters On Twitter Right Now?

Good question, cyber-pals.
Developer Juliette Pretot concocted a JavaScript bookmark, which totally works with Tweetdeck. Just click the bookmark on your web browser while on Tweetdeck, and you’ll have access to the 280 character feature on Twitter.
For all the Tweetdeck junkies out there, there’s yet one more way to access the 280 Twitter character extension. The people over at The New Web show how you can get double the amount of Twitter characters by using the Snippets feature on Tweetdeck.
EmailOctopus COO Thomas Evans created a Chrome browser extension that won’t update the counter. However, the extension contains a few lines of Javascript, which effectively alters your settings on the front end to let you Tweet out up to 280 characters.
Twitter user @Prof9 has discovered yet another way to get 280 characters for your Tweets right now. Just use the TamperMonkey Chrome extension, and install a userscript, which will allow you to double your character count on Twitter.

Let’s go from 140 to 280 characters right now!

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