Top 50 Biggest Assholes & Worst People of 2015

“The worst people of the year” didn’t seem to fit those mentioned in the list below. These folks are more than awful – they’re complete assholes, and they deserve to get their recognition. Check out our list of blowhards, racist figures, and crazed politicians, all of which fall under the same prestigious category: the biggest assholes of 2015.

50. ODU Fraternity Brothers

In what world do you think “She Called You Daddy For 18 Years Now It’s Our Turn” is going to go over well? We’ll answer that for you: nowhere. We’re way too PC for that around these parts. But on the other hand, that sh*t was hilarious.

49. Whoever Came Up With The Term “Relationship Goals”

Make it stop. Please.

48. This UK Mother/Daughter Duo Who Got Surgery to Look Like Katie Price

Umm… who the f*ck spends $80k on plastic surgery and comes out looking like that? I’d demand a refund, stat.

47. Connor Gilboy

In an attempt to win Zeta Tau Alpha’s “King of Queens” pageant at University of Florida, the school’s punter Connor Gilboy released a shameless promotional video that will make you cringe. Plus he legit RUINED the song of the year with that sad excuse of a voice.
[protected-iframe id=”7302717250783086213cb7f7e0f38b58-3508545-79209639″ info=”” width=”656″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

46. Johnny Manziel

Let’s get one thing out of the way: we love Johnny Manziel. But he’s such an asshole. There are tons of different kinds of assholes in the universe, and one of those kinds involves being given amazing talent, an endless number of second chances, and still going off and partying your career away. Just f*cking stop already, or at least wait until the offseason like Gronk.

45. Justin Bieber

Sorry… had to.

44. Ariana Grande

When Grande licked an unpurchased doughnut, people went crazy. When she continued to demean Americans for obesity statistics, people REALLY went crazy. When her apology came out, she was still bashed by the public for it being half-assed. In short, stick to the things you know Ariana: shitty music and deranged sorority girls.

43. Apple


42. Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is an asshole by definition – he’s a rich f*ck who spends his time around beautiful women, exotic locales, and private jets. His Instagram feed is a shameless display of opulence that makes us incredibly jealous and wonder where we went wrong in our lives. “Asshole” is the only way way to describe him.

41. This Idiot Who Pushed a Girl Off of a Roof During a Party

What the actual f*ck?!

40. Hulk Hogan

Banging your best friend’s wife is NOT cool, Hulk. Nor is trying to justify your racist tweets.

39. Melissa Click

Students at the University of Missouri sparked a national epidemic when they called for a walkout in November after accusing school administrators of mishandling several racially charged incidents. But when journalists showed up at the scene to document the event, things got way out of hand. Melissa Click, a Communications professor at Mizzou, freaked the f*ck out and allegedly threatened a student reporter for just being there, calling for “muscle” to remove the student from the quad. Unfortunately for Click, the interaction was all caught on video and quickly went viral. Where’s her formal resignation?

38. Doug Ellin

Entourage was one of the worst films of the year. Way to kill our awesome memories of the show, Ellin.

37. Instagram


36. The Fat Jew

Not only is the man a joke stealer, but that uncovered gut is just plain offensive.

35. Britt McHenry

The ESPN reporter may be hot, but she’s also completely insane, and there’s nothing hot about that. McHenry was caught on tape freaking out on a parking clerk earlier this year for reasons unknown, and she hit way below the belt.

We’re still cringing.

34. Tom Brady

In no way, shape, or form does TB12’s inclusion on this list have anything to do with a big bet we lost in the Superbowl. Nope. No way. But what kind of HOF QB is asshole enough to cheat (don’t tell me he didn’t, he 100% did) in the NFL Playoffs? The kind that wears Uggs and is best friends with Trump. That’s who.

33. David Cameron

As the British Prime Minister, you’d hope to never be referred to as “that pig f*cker from the UK.” Guess you can’t win ’em all!

32. Walter Palmer

You know that dentist who “accidentally” killed Cecil the Lion? Yeah… asshole.

31. E.L. James

If she didn’t make 50 Shades of Grey, we wouldn’t have had to sit through two grueling hours of Dakota Johnson looking really confused and Jamie Dornan mumbling creepy one-liners. CAN YOU JUST STICK TO GETTING IT ON PLEASE?!

30. This 12-Year-Old Canadian Who Made a Bomb Threat Against ASU on 4Chan

Internet privileges revoked, little man.

29. Brian Williams

Not only was Brian Williams once known as NBC’s best journalist, but he also spawned Allison Williams. In short, the American people had a lot to thank him for. That is, until he blatantly lied earlier this year about being under enemy fire in Iraq. His apology – “whoopsie, I forgot!” – didn’t help either.

28. Kobe Bryant

I think that Kobe Bryant would be the first to admit that he’s an asshole, which is why he’s on this list. Who else would have zero issue playing no defense, chucking up an average of 17 shots a game, at a clip of 34% per, and then happily receiving standing ovations at each stadium he plays at? But he’s Los Angeles’ asshole, and the NBA’s favorite asshole (unlike Dwight Howard who people actually despise). And for that, we love him.

27. Scott Disick

I’m not going to admit to watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian, but if I did, I would say that Scott Disick is a total douche. Like, all of the time. But it especially came through after that whole cheating with sisters thing and those passive aggressive Instagram posts.

26. Kean University’s Kayla Simone McKelvey

Shooting threats on college campuses ran rampant this year, and while a large amount were not fulfilled, there were still far too many that were. Thankfully the threat against Kean University and their black students was a hoax, but the person behind the threat makes this story more f*cked up than the rest. Kayla-Simone McKelvey – a black former Kean University student – was arrested in early December for posting numerous threats against Black Lives Matter activists online, but not before she made the threats known during a rally she was attending. WTF?!

25. Michael McConaughey

Just because you’re related to the coolest actor ever, doesn’t mean you have the right to name your son Miller Lyte and get away with it. I foresee decades of abuse in his future.

24. The Portland Pooper

This dude took a dump all over Portland this summer, and people were less than enthused. Especially because it was clearly planned – no one carries around that much toilet paper when they’re just going for a jog.

23. James Deen

The popular adult film star took a beating earlier this month when his ex-girlfriend and former co-worker Stoya tweeted that Deen had raped her. Shortly after the tweet went viral, several other industry members claimed similar stories, each of which got more graphic and violent as media coverage intensified. But eventually Deen defended himself in an interview with The Daily Beast, where he basically called his ex crazy and jealous of his new girlfriend. Smart move.

22. Tyga

Who the f*ck gets their newly legal girlfriend a Ferrari? WHY?!

21. Everyone Who Protested Alpha Phi

Namely A.L. Bailey. You are the worst.

20. Kanye West

Does this even have to be explained? The man rambled on for HOURS during the 2015 MTV VMAs only to announce that he was running for president in 2020. Dear God, just end it already!!!!

19. Roger Goodell

In the year of assholes, Roger Goodell is in an impressive category all to himself. This is a man who completely botched the punishments of nearly every single NFL player with off-the-field issues, had absolutely zero continuity in terms of sanctions handed down, and is on the verge of losing the support of fans for both medical and administrative issues. The NFL, with all of its’ grandeur and success, is about to hit a downward trend—and it’s all Roger’s fault.

18. Angelle Marie “Puff” Massion

Racist rants are cool, especially when they’re being recorded at the beach! Gotta love technology.

17. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather makes money because of two things: he’s an extremely talented boxer, and he plays the role of asshole perfectly. Floyd has realized (or just got extremely lucky because of his personality) that you can make a boatload of cash by being the bad guy and winning all of your boxing matches. When you’re Floyd Money Mayweather, everyone wants to pay money to see you lose, even if they know there’s not a shot in hell that you’ll allow someone in the ring you aren’t sure is capable of beating you.

16. Panama City Beach

Banning alcohol during Spring Break?! That’s blasphemous AND rude.

15. Steve Rannazzisi

Lying about your involvement in 9/11 is pretty much the most heartless thing you can do. WTF were you thinking Rannazzisi?! We hate you.

14. Chipotle

E. Coli?! REALLY CHIPOTLE?! It’s bad enough you charge extra for avocado! I’m not paying $8 to shit my brains out post-burrito!

13. Everyone Who Protested the Confederate Flag Coming Down

Come on guys, really? Get your priorities straight.

12. Charlie Sheen

After disclosing his HIV+ status, Sheen was virtually everywhere. It took guts to come out and tell the world of his diagnosis – we’ll give him that – but when reports from previous sexual partners came pouring in, things got sketchy. Aside from openly admitting that he paid off several people in an attempt to keep his diagnosis under wraps, adult film star Bree Olson called BS after Sheen told Matt Lauer that he disclosed his positive status to all of his partners. Not a good move, Charlie.

11. Luke Gatti

We typically give leeway to the completely obliterated – they can’t see how dumb they’re being after seven Long Island Ice Teas! – but when it comes to UConn student Luke Gatti, he deserves no such thing. In what can only be described as a douchey, mortifying scene, Gatti rudely demands some mac and cheese in between colorful expletives because he’s blackout wasted. If you ask me, someone should’ve clocked him in the face. Not even a lengthy apology could save this douche monger.

10. Josh Duggar

When it rains, it pours. Josh Duggar made a name for himself thanks to his weirdly large family and their reality show 19 Kids and Counting. But it was only a matter of time until those looking to ruin his mere perfect facade found what they were looking for. In May, the creepy older brother was said to have molested a total of five girls – four of which were his younger sisters. Then that summer, Duggar was the first public figure exposed in the Ashley Madison hack. He was on the dating site for two years looking for someone to do all kinds of raunchy shit, and now he’s in rehab for “sex addiction.” Please, spare me.

9. Jared Fogle

When you spend the majority of your life in a pair of pants that can house a small family, then magically get skinny because of a sandwich, you’re bound to become an icon. But that status dissolves pretty quickly when you’re caught being a complete creep and are in possession of child pornography. We also blame him for our new distaste for foot long sandwiches.

8. Rachel Dolezal

After being called out by her parents for not actually being black, Rachel Dolezal – who was the former president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP – came back with the douchiest comment ever: “I identify as black.” Umm… right.

7. Bill Cosby

The once beloved actor had the worst year ever after he faced countless sexual assault allegations from former co-stars, celebrities, and Playboy Playmates. Since then, several organizations cut ties with the comedian and numerous honors he was awarded throughout his lengthy career have been revoked. Granted, it was all well-deserved.


What a bunch of collective assholes. Everyone with two eyes and ears has known about their assholery for years, but finally international governments are doing something about it. It’s nearly impossible to find a FIFA official in any country who isn’t somehow guilty of taking or paying out bribes.

5. Kim Davis

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing same sex marriage nationwide, it was a good day for our country. Finally! Equality took one step forward. But Kim Davis, an ignorant country clerk from Kentucky, was a major buzzkill about the whole situation. Despite the historic ruling, the crazed woman refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Things only got worse when GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee praised her “bravery.” Umm… that’s an interesting word for her… I prefer psychotic, but that’s just me.

4. Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli rightfully earned himself the honor of “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” after the former pharmaceutical CEO raised the price of a life-saving AIDS drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill. He then went on to spend millions on a Wu Tang album, produce an incredibly boring four hour live stream for no reason, and maintain his righteousness on Twitter. Shkreli, we kindly ask you to shut the f*ck up.

3. Greg Hardy

Of all the athletes and sports-related assholes, Greg Hardy is easily the shittiest.
Ask ANYONE who has read ANYTHING about that (alleged) time he beat up his his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder. They’ll tell you that he did it. The photographic evidence is there, it was just Nicole’s choice to take a couple million in hush money to make the case disappear. He’s a Grade A, wife beating asshole.


Can someone just wipe them off the face of planet already?

1. Donald Trump

Oh, Donald. I’ve been hard on you this year – just like everyone else – and frankly, I stand by everything I said. The worst, America! He is the worst. Between insulting Megyn Kelly, the entire Middle East, Mexico, Heidi Klum, Ben Carson, and literally everyone else you can think of, Donald Trump has proven to be the biggest asshole of 2015. Is he literally worse than ISIS? No, but we still think he’s worthy of the #1 spot. Will he be the biggest asshole of 2016? Probably – but only time can tell.