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Hey, Ladies — Martin Shkreli, Douchebag CEO, Is Still On OkCupid [VIDEO]


Martin Shkreli Live Stream

Martin Shkreli, America’s most hated pharmaceutical CEO, is out on bail after being arrested on charges of running a Ponzi scheme — and he wants you to know that he’s doing just fine. In fact, he’s posted an epic four-hour video of a recent livestream where you can enjoy the sight of him checking out his $2 million Wu-Tang CD that he plans to never play. Also, he’s checking out the ladies of OkCupid.

But don’t get too excited, ladies. He won’t play you that Wu-Tang CD that’s strictly one-of-a-kind. He’s saving that for himself — and maybe Taylor Swift, if she comes over to perform oral sex on him.

Yeah, he says that. This video is some epic trolling from a guy who became a target of hatred after he jacked up the price of a medication. It wasn’t really a big deal as an HIV medication (or so we’re told by AIDS advocates), but that was still enough to get a good 10-Minute Hate going — and it’s going to go on into 2016, at this rate.

Anyway, skip along for four hours of Martin playing chess, showing his support for PBS, and having a maid come in to do some vacuuming. Damn. We hate him just for being able to afford that. Also, he can probably take all those ladies on OkCupid out to a nice dinner. Consider it all performance art…

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