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    Last March, Bud Light threw the "World's Largest Pool Party" at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas. It was an epic 4 day event- one for the record books during the biggest party week of the year (March Madness, Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day) - it was a trifecta of nastiness and lucky for you we were there to capture all the action.

  • TV

    5 Worst Beer Commercials Of The Past 5 Years

    There’s something to be said about catchy, pithy, and humorous ads, especially when it comes to beer commercials you see during sporting events and prime time television. These beer commercials, however, are about as funny as watching George Lopez sober. Here are some of our least favorites from some of the most popular beer companies in the country.

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    Today's a holiday that all American can celebrate despite their backgrounds, careers, prison records, and facial hair choices. It's International Beer Day 2010 and we're opening up a keg of fun by showing you just how some very special ladies celebrate the momentous holiday. It involves paint, it involves beer, and most importantly, it doesn't involve clothing.

  • 3 Real Beers and Why You Shouldn’t Settle for a Lesser Brew

    I work in a German style brewery cannot count how many times I have corrected people who ordered a Coors Light. Being a compassionate and charitable soul, I feel absolutely obligated to convince everyone that we deserve nothing less than a genuine, tasty brew.

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