Super Bowl 2017 Commercials: Watch Every Commercial Here

In some cases, the Super Bowl commercials are more entertaining than the actual game. Not only can they be more exciting but they’ve also developed quite the dedicated fanbase. Year in and year out, audiences all across the world tune into the big game with high expectations for the commercials.
While many corporations choose to go the humor route, some big names have decided to run with a much more serious tone. The estimated cost of a 30-second commercial for Super Bowl 51 is $5 million.
You can check out all of the commercials that will be going down when the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons take the field on the NFL’s biggest stage. The countdown is finally over and Super Bowl commercial season has begun.


Man and Machine

Lexus chose to advertise their brand new 2017 LC 500 by merging a dancing side-by-side with the vehicle, comparing “man and machine.”
Celebrities: None


Hero’s Journey

Melissa McCarthy is doing all she can to help save the world in Kia’s ad for their energy efficient, eco-hybrid Niro.
Celebrities: Melissa McCarthy


Born the Hard Way

Budweiser‘s big Super Bowl commercial has already stirred up a bit of controversy. The beer company decided to focus on their co-founder Adolphus Busch, who was an immigrant from Germany, and to depict his pursuit of the American dream. It is a fictionalized story and one certainly taking a stab at President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration.
There’s a slight chance that this commercial might not sit well with everyone.
Celebrities: None

Buffalo Wild Wings

The Conspiracy

Brett Favre doesn’t seem to mind having thrown the most career interceptions by any quarterback in NFL history. It turns out Buffalo Wild Wings was up to the whole thing.
Celebrities: Brett Favre



Squarespace continues their partnership with John Malkovich, stressing users to go and claim their domain names before it’s too late.
Celebrities: John Malkovich

Mr. Clean

Cleaner of Your Dreams

We see Mr. Clean like never before in this ad. It turns out cleaning is the key to a woman’s heart.
Celebrities: None

Avocados From Mexico


This commercial could go down as an early favorite. Avocados from Mexico went all out this year, revealing some pretty well-kept secrets. Oh, and it turns out that Tom Brady didn’t deflate those footballs after all.
Celebrities: Jon Lovitz


The Internet Wants You

GoDaddy’s campaign has changed a bit from previous Super Bowls. In this case, the internet appears in human form, connecting with almost every major trend in the industry over the years.
Celebrities: None


Adam Driver Horse Casting

Not much to say on this one yet, but a horse and Adam Driver will be involved.
Celebrities: Adam Driver


No Need for Extreme Measures

Sprint continues their battle to against Verizon as a man fakes his own death to avoid his cellphone bill payments. Naturally, there was also an appearance from the Verizon’s former “can you hear me now?” guy. Loyalty only lasts so long.
Celebrities: None



T-Mobile went through the history of celebrations from the Gronk age to now. A narration from Justin Bieber and a cameo from Terrell Owens make for quite the commercial.
Celebrities: Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski, Terrell Owens



Honda might just get an award for most creative commercial. They pan over the yearbook pictures of major celebrities and athletes, all of which come to live while giving advice to never give up on your dreams.
Not bad Honda.
Celebrities: Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Missy Elliot, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel, Viola Davis

Big Game First Spot teams up with Gal Gadot and Jason Statham in this action-packed ad.
Celebrities: Gal Gadot and Jason Statham


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the newest gaming console that is about to hit the market in March of this year. The new system offers gamers the unique chance to have their console follow them anywhere.
Celebrities: None

Bud Light

Ghost Spuds

Spuds Mackenzie makes a much-anticipated return as he stresses the importance of drinking Bud Light with friends. Mackenzie was a fictional character that was a huge piece of Bud Light campaigns in the 1980s.
Celebrities: Spuds Mackenzie (voiced by Carl Weathers)



Busch chose to go with the simple but effective model here.
Celebrities: None



Skittles just wanted to clarify that their product is pretty universal.
Celebrities: None


Go Further

Sick of being disappointed? Ford’s ad for the future of their vehicles is ensuring that you won’t be. Self-driving cars seem to be right on the horizon.
Celebrities: None

Audi USA


Audi wanted a clear message for their commercial this year, and they absolutely delivered. This ad focuses on a father thinking of how to talk to his daughter about income inequality. This is one to spark some chatter.
Celebrities: None


Gronk’s Cleaners Discount

Apparently you have a lot of free time when you can’t play in the Super Bowl. Rob Gronkowski appears in another commercia, this time having just opened a new discount cleaning service. Jeffrey Tambor is not pleased with the service.
Tide hints at more coming during the game.
Celebrities: Rob Gronkowski and Jeffrey Tambor


Halftime #BathroomBreak

Halftime bathroom breaks are crucial, but Febreze knows a way to make them better.
Celebrities: None


Super Bowl Baby Legends

Babies dressed up as current and former NFL legends make for a successful 30-second spot.
Celebrities: None


Brady Everyday

If you thought there wouldn’t be enough time to watch Tom Brady on the field, Intel’s got you covered in this commercial.
Celebrities: Tom Brady

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