Bring The Bar With Bud Light Mixxtail Drinks

bud light mixxtails cocktails

Bud Light is unveiling a new line of cocktail-flavored malt drinks–Bud Light MIXXTAILs–that are a great way to bring the bar with you.

Based on three of America’s favorite drinks (Firewalker, Hurricanes, and Long Island Iced Teas) these beverages allow you to serve delicious cocktails without having to store the ingredients in your dormroom or apartment. They’re a great way to pregame whatever it is you’re doing later on that night and the resealable 11.5 oz bottle couldn’t be easier to carry around (your apartment, we would never suggest carrying an open container in public).

Flavored drinks–a la Bud Light Ritas–are a total hit and we fully expect MIXXTAILs to be the same.

Those of you unable to make it down to New Orleans should try the Hurricanes this weekend.

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