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Jan 7, 2015

Budweiser, Bud Light Announce Super Bowl XLIX Ad Lineup

In today’s “The Super Bowl Is So Close We Can Taste It” news, Anheuser-Busch has announced its lineup of Super...

May 5, 2014

Lime-A-Ritas And The Best Bud Light Cocktails For Cinco de Mayo [RECIPES]

Today is the glorious holiday known as Cinco de Mayo. You may know it under other monikers like “Cinco de...

Apr 6, 2010

3 Real Beers and Why You Shouldn't Settle for a Lesser Brew

I work in a German style brewery cannot count how many times I have corrected people who ordered a Coors Light. Being a compassionate and charitable soul, I feel absolutely obligated to convince everyone that we deserve nothing less than a genuine, tasty brew.

10 Reasons Why Kristen Wiig Is Hilarious

10 Reasons Why Kristen Wiig Is Hilarious Amber Hay Wearing A See Through Bra Danielle Lloyd Boobs Are Enormous Mischa...

Oct 16, 2008

Drinkable Pizza

I’m kind of a beer snob. I refuse to drink Coors Light, Miller Lite, and especially Bud Light. It tastes...

Aug 18, 2007