Highlights From The NYC Whatever, USA Audition Party [PHOTOS]

Last night hundreds of COED friends and readers turned up to party with us and audition for Bud Light’s Whatever, USA.
In addition to complimentary Bud Light and delicious food, guests did their best to prove they were #UpForWhatever in an attempt to win an all-expenses paid trip to Catalina Island May 29th-31st.

Thanks a lot to all the people who came by last night and Jack Doyle’s for hosting us. We’ve added some photos to our Facebook page, so you should go ahead and tag yourselves in our photo album.

Even more photos are in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Like we’ve said before, our Whatever, USA Audition Party Tour pretty much means that we’re throwing an awesome party for your friends that could lead to an even bigger, wilder party at Whatever, USA. These are definitely events you won’t want to miss. Who knows what other special guests might make an appearance?

The next stop on this train is Austin, Texas where we’ll be meeting up with some of our southern friends at The Dogwood on Tuesday, April 14th. We’ll be joined by the friendly faces of Miss COEDs Christy Turner and Brooke Hanmer.

COED x Bud Light Audition Party Tour Dates

Tuesday, April 14th – Austin, TX (The Dogwood | 715 W 6th Street))

Saturday, April 18th – Phoenix, AZ (Location TBD)

Tuesday, April 21st – Los Angeles, CA (Location TBD)

Thursday, April 23rd – San Francisco, CA (Location TBD)

Christy Turner


Brooke Hanmer – Miss COED


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POW: Bud Light Announces Catalina Island As Location of Whatever, USA
POW: Bud Light Announces Catalina Island As Location of Whatever, USA
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