New York Giants

Apr 30, 2018

Way Too Early NFL Rookie Of The Year Awards

The NFL Draft has come and gone, there were some great picks and there were some not so great picks....

Mar 10, 2018

Odell Beckham Jr. Video: Full Story & Must-See Details

New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. recently became the subject of controversy thanks in part to a viral video...

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Dec 1, 2017

Giants vs. Raiders Preview & Viewing Details: NFL Week 13

This Sunday the New York Giants (2-9) are heading to Oakland to take on the Raiders (5-6). The Giants’ decision...

Nov 23, 2017

Giants vs. Redskins Live Stream: Watch Week 12 Thursday Night Football Online

The Giants (2-8), are heading to Maryland to take on the Redskins (4-6). The Giants return to FedExField for the...

Nov 13, 2017

A Round-Up Of All The Mean Things Written About Giants Coach Ben McAdoo

If you haven’t already heard, the New York Giants — a team that came into the season with Super Bowl...

Sep 19, 2017

Here Are All The Funniest Reactions To The Giants Pitiful Monday Night Performance

Eli Manning and the Giants were up to their old tricks last night, and by old tricks, I mean pitiful...

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Sep 13, 2017

Fantasy Football Scout 2017: Shane Vereen

When consulting the waiver wire, it can be easy to get overly excited when you see an unrecognizable player score...

Cowboys vs. Giants 2017: Score, Stats & Live Updates

One of the biggest rivalries in NFL history will be facing each on Sunday. The elite core of Dak Prescott,...

Sep 10, 2017

Cowboys-Giants Live Stream: Watch NFL Sunday Night Football Online

The New York Giants head down to Arlington to take on the Dallas Cowboys for the first Sunday Night Football...

Sep 10, 2017

This Is The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene Giants Coach Ben McAdoo Is Using To Fire Up His Team

Football players, they’re just like us (only much larger and wealthier). They eat, they sleep, and they love Game Of...

Sep 7, 2017

Aug 14, 2017

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2017: Evan Engram

Given the era that we currently reside in where the quarterback is the most essential position in football, it stands...

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Aug 11, 2017

WATCH: T.J Watt Is An Absolute Beast In His NFL Debut With Two Sacks Early In The Game Against The Giants

T.J Watt made a huge splash for his NFL debut for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday. That’s two huge splashes...

Aug 2, 2017

WATCH: Eli Manning And Teammates Bust A Move Like Total Goofs In The Giants Locker Room

The party culture of the New York Giants is on the rise. Quarterback Eli Manning makes his team proud by...

Apr 25, 2017

Poly Ferfeli Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Odell Beckham Jr.’s Girlfriend

New York Giants superstar wide receiver and net-lover Odell Beckham Jr. has himself a new girlfriend. Maybe “new” isn’t the...

Jan 10, 2017

Even The Giants’ GM Has Had Enough, Says Odell Needs To ‘Grow Up’

By all accounts, both Odell Beckham Jr. and the team he plays for, the New York Giants, had a great...

Jan 9, 2017

The Many Dumb Faces Of Eli Manning: A 2016 Retrospective

The New York Giants got drubbed by the Green Bay Packers 38-13 in the NFC Wildcard game this weekend, bringing...

Jan 9, 2017

Odell Beckham’s Latest Postgame Antics Prove He Still Doesn’t “Get It”

The New York Giants got smoked by the Green Bay Packers in last night’s NFC Wildcard game, 38-13. Odell Beckham...

Jan 8, 2017

WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Pulls Off Another Miracle Hail Mary Touchdown At End Of The First Half Vs. Giants

Aaron Rodgers proved once again at the end of the first half that he’s the best in the business at...

Jan 8, 2017

Giants Players Warm Up Shirtless On Frozen Tundra At Lambeau Field, Showing How Tough/Foolish They Are

Clearly I’m not a football player, just a guy with a laptop who’s currently sitting on a couch in my...

Jan 8, 2017

New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers Live Stream: How to Watch Online

The NFL playoffs have finally arrived, but unfortunately for the casual fan, three of the four games during Wild Card...

Jan 5, 2017

New York Giants Playoff Schedule 2017: Dates, TV Channels & Matchup Times

After five long years, my New York Football Giants are finally back in the postseason. Much like their last two...

Dec 22, 2016

Giants vs. Eagles: Watch Thursday Night Football Live Stream

Week 16 of the 2016 NFL season kicks off tonight with the last Thursday Night Football match up of the...

Dec 18, 2016

Giants vs. Lions Live Stream: How To Watch NFL Online

Two very evenly matched teams will go head to head this Sunday afternoon in MetLife Stadium. The Detroit Lions are...

Dec 11, 2016

The Giants Have Accused The Steelers Of Deflating Footballs, Giving Football Fans A Horrific Déjà Vu

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. An NFL team has filed a complaint to the NFL on suspicions ...

Dec 5, 2016

Why The Heck Isn’t Eli Manning’s Jersey More Popular?

I thought Eli Manning's jersey would be more popular the ODB Jr.'s... boy was I wrong.

Nov 30, 2016

Antonio Brown vs. Odell Beckham Jr. – Who Ya Got?

The New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers are squaring off this Sunday at Heinz Field in what is a...

Nov 27, 2016

Giants vs. Browns Live Stream: How To Watch Online (Read The Results Here Too!)

The New York Giants are on the road again and will be traveling to Cleveland to take on The Browns...

Nov 15, 2016

Luckily For The Giants, Landon Collins Has Arrived

I’ve spent way too much time writing about how good the Cowboys have been this year, and as a Giants...

Nov 15, 2016

Odell Beckham Jr’s Pregame Dance Was Absolutely Electric

Odell Beckham Jr. has had a lot to celebrate these past couple of weeks. First of all, the Giants increased...

Oct 23, 2016

Watch An NFL Showdown In London This Sunday Between The Giants & The Rams

This Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams and the New York Giants will battle in London in the morning. For the...

Oct 20, 2016

Josh Brown Needs To Be Cut & Suspended Immediately

Domestic violence and the NFL is a combination that happens all too often. Ray Rice and Greg Hardy are two...

Oct 17, 2016

Goddammit I Hate Mike Francesa So Much But He’s Dead On With His Evisceration Of Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham has been making a real ass of himself this season. There’s just no two ways about it. He’s...

Oct 16, 2016

Can the Giants Get Back to their Winning Ways?

After starting off the season with two straight wins, the New York Giants are in the midst of a three...

Oct 13, 2016

Giants Coach Ben McAdoo Tried To Motivate Team With “Step Brothers” Clip

The New York Giants got off to a fast start this season, winning their first two games and sitting in...

Oct 10, 2016

Odell Beckham Jr’s Joker Gloves Are The Epitome Of Everything That’s Wrong With OBJ

Giants fans, I have bad news for you: Odell Beckham Jr is a player who doesn’t ‘get it’ and never...

Oct 9, 2016

Packers vs. Giants Live Stream: Watch NFL Online Free

There are some teams that look like winners this season and others that appear to be going in the wrong...

Oct 5, 2016

Ok, Odell, It’s Time To Stop Being a Prima Donna

This past Monday, Odell Beckham Jr accounted for a career-low in receiving yards with 23 against the Minnesota Vikings. Of...

Oct 3, 2016

New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings: MNF Live Blog, Updates, Tweets & Commentary

Monday Night Football actually has a good game for once, so I decided to live blog it. The 2-1 Giants...

Oct 3, 2016

Vikings vs. Giants Live Stream: Watch NFL Online Free

The Minnesota Vikings weren’t expected to be very good after they lost Teddy Bridgewater to a serious knee injury in...

Sep 25, 2016

Giants vs. Redskins: What Time, TV Channel & Preview

The NFC East is always a battle and the Washington Redskins and New York Giants are always right in the...

Sep 18, 2016

New Orleans Saints vs. New York Giants: Live Blog, Updates, Tweets & Scores

  The 0-1 New Orleans Saints are taking on the 1-0 New York Giants at the Meadowlands and you can...

Sep 18, 2016

Giants vs. Saints: Date, Kickoff Time, TV Channel & Preview

It was a very interesting Week 1 for both the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants. Both teams were...

Sep 11, 2016

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Live Stream: How To Watch NFL Online

The NFL season is finally back, and one of the best games of the week is an NFC East rivalry...

Sep 11, 2016

Cowboys vs. Giants: What Time, TV Channel & Preview

There is nothing like an NFC East battle between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. The two teams have...

Sep 2, 2016

NFL Predictions 2016: New York Giants Season Preview & Outlook

The New York Giants have been a very dynamic team over the last couple seasons while having Odell Beckham on...

Apr 30, 2016

Giants Schedule 2016: New York Football Game Dates & Start Times

When you have two Super Bowl rings, people expect Eli Manning to be successful every season. Manning and the New...

Dec 24, 2015

Giants vs. Vikings: What Time, TV Channel & Preview

This week’s battle between the 6-8 New York Giants and 9-5 Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday night...

Dec 21, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr Suspension For Josh Norman Hit

The NFL has given Odell Beckham Jr. a one game suspension for using his own helmet to target Josh Norman’s...

Dec 17, 2015

Giants vs. Panthers: What Time, TV Channel & Preview

It has been a magical ride for the Carolina Panthers so far this season. Carolina is 13-0 going into Week...

Nov 15, 2015

Giants vs. Patriots: What Time, TV Channel & Preview

Sunday afternoon will bring the next chapter in a saga between two teams that didn’t look likely a decade ago....

Nov 24, 2014

The Best Odell Beckham Jr Catch Memes And Photoshops

Updated: Added more ODB Jr. memes–including Lord of the Rings, NHL, and Dragon Ball Z photoshops. NY Giants WR Odell...

Jul 28, 2013

The Worst Career-Ending Injuries In Sports [PHOTOS]

Jeremy Maclin’s season is over – not necessarily his career – but it got us thinking about all those other...

Jan 19, 2013

A Giants Fan’s NFC And AFC Championship Game Picks [VIDEO]

This is the problem with YouTube: This guy right here, making predictions about the NFC and AFC Championship games on...

Feb 6, 2012

Tom Brady Plays It Safety, Super Mario’s Catch, Giants De-throne Pats… Again [NFL Upon Further Review]

In this special edition of Coed Magazine’s NFL Upon Further Review for Super Bowl XLVI: Kelly Clarkson doesn’t screw up,...

Feb 2, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why The Giants Will Win Super Bowl XLVI

For all you New York Football Giants fans out there, the team is only one step away from claiming their...

Jan 31, 2012

New York Giants Super Bowl vs. Murray State Basketball [ANTHEM SHOWDOWN]

There are two anthems making waves online today – the first is from Depo, produced by Fotsbeats and came to...

Jan 24, 2012

Eli Manning Drunk Photoshop Fails & Wins [188 PICS]

Eli’s going going back back to the Super Bowl. Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to Manning Face but in...

Jan 23, 2012

Cundiff’s Not Clutch, Your Hot Grandma’s Anthem, The REAL LT Doesn’t Miss [Championship Weekend]

In this Conference Championship edition of NFL Upon Further Review: Steven Tyler’s national anthem was interesting, Billy Cundiff’s “Wide Left”...

Jan 20, 2012

Cheerleaders of the 2012 NFL Conference Championships [PHOTOS]

We were perfect with our predictions in the Wild Card Round, so we decided to play it cool and not...

Jan 4, 2012

Cheerleaders of the 2012 NFL Wild Card Teams [PHOTOS]

The first round of the 2012 NFL playoffs are set to kick off this weekend with the two lowest seeded division winners hosting the Wild Cards. We gave you a sneak preview in this past week's NFL Upon Further Review, but now we go the extra yard with extensive photo galleries of each team's cheerleaders. Before everyone flips out, we know the Giants and Steelers don't have official cheerleaders but they do have some sexy fans. Check out their pics and our predictions then vote for the hotter pom-pom pushers.

Jan 1, 2012

Sexy Superfan Showdown: NFC East Championship Edition – Giants vs. Cowboys [PHOTOS]

Last week's victory against the Jets has once again placed the Giant's playoff destiny in their hands. If they win on Sunday against "America's Team," they win the NFC East and a chance to compete in the Superbowl. Unfortunately for the NY Football Giants, the same can be said of 'Dem Boys. We can't predict what's going to happen, but we can help to determine who's got the hotter fans.

Dec 24, 2011

Sexy Superfan Showdown: Giants vs. Jets – NY Pooper Bowl Edition

When the schedule first came out, fans creamed in their collective pants when they saw the Jets-Giants matchup on Christmas Eve. But over the last month or so, Big Blue and Gang Green have almost completely blown any shot they had at making the playoffs. The game's now been dubbed "The Pooper Bowl". Though the play on the field might be sh*tty, we can always hope the camera pans to sexy fans in the stands (Kate Upton maybe?). To get you excited we're presenting each team's sexiest fans and asking you to vote for the hotter squad. Click through to review.

Nov 28, 2011

Stevie’s Plaxico Impression, Witten Takes Down A Cheerleader, Novak’s Pissed [NFL WEEK 12]

In this week’s edition of NFL Upon Further Review, Stevie Johnson shoots himself in the leg for a celebration, Ndamukong Suh's a big fan of Stomp, the Cowboys hate sweeties that tweet, the Titans reverse a kickoff return, punt returns were in supply for the Rams & Cards, Nick Novak relieves himself on the sidelines, and Jerome Simpson performs a flop that would make soccer players proud. Check out the week's top highlights (and lowlights) then read our preview of tonight's MNF contest between the Giants and Saints after the jump.

Oct 3, 2011

NFL Upon Further Review: Week 4 [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

As week 4 of the NFL season comes to a close, we take a look at last night's turnover-heavy Jets-Ravens matchup, the Lions' and 49ers impressive comebacks against the Cowboys and Eagles, the controversial call which allowed the Giants to come back and snatch victory away from the Cards, the Vikings' tailspin, Tom Brady and Devin Hester's milestones, and a preview of Monday night's game between the Bucs and Colts. Check out all the insight and analysis after the jump.

Sep 20, 2011

IN THE FACE! Michael Boley’s TD Celebration Nails Intern’s Mug [VIDEO]

I'm a super huge Giants fan but last night's win was ugly in every possible way. If it weren't for the Rams' ineptitude, the G-men would be 0-2. Even when the Giants had things go right for them, it ended up making them look bad. Hixon's acrobatic catch for the score before half? Hurt himself. Bradford throws a lateral that Cadillac can't handle, Michael Boley scoops it up and runs for the score then... he tries to fire the ball against the wall and ends up CRUSHING a Giants employee in the face. It's gonna be a loooooooooong season. Check out the cringeworthy clip after the jump.

Sep 8, 2011

The 20 Most Anticipated Games Of The 2011 NFL Season

The last few years it seems the trend in the NFC, at least, is for #5 and #6 seeds to look mediocre during the regular season then straight up run the gamut and win it all when it counts. The AFC has been fairly more predictable with the Pats, Colts, and Steelers playing merry go round at the top of the heap. With the Lockout ending in late July, most teams are struggling to make up for lost time. With more than 250 games on tap, we've narrowed down the field to the 20 we're most looking forward to. Check' em out after the jump.

Jan 4, 2011

Top 9 Super Bowl “One-Hit Wonders”

Of course we all have favorite songs by music artists that can (sometimes fortunately)  be called “one-hit wonders.”  Sports is...

Jan 3, 2011

The 10 Most Improbable Super Bowl Teams Of All-Time [POLL]

After another wild weekend in the NFL, the final seeds are set for this year's playoffs. Twelve teams will enter the postseason with Super Bowl aspirations, all of which believe they have a realistic shot at making the Big Game. As most teams gear up for this "new" season, they believe all bets are off. Regular season records no longer matter. It's what you do in this next 3-4 games that counts. So, if you're a Chiefs or Seahawks fan and you think there's not a shot in hell your team's holding the Lombardi Trophy come February, you might want to take a look at this list of Super Bowl improbables.

Oct 19, 2010

5 Unluckiest Sports Figures Of The Last Two Decades

When it comes to sports sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Just ask Phil Jackson. While he’s been one of the luckier sports figures, there are some who have no choice but to raise their arms to the sport gods and scream, “why me?!?” Who are some of the unluckier sports names past and present?

Sep 29, 2010

NFL Week 3 Recap: Hit The Panic Button?

Before last Sunday’s games, there were eight teams getting ready to hit the panic button at 0-2. Some teams gave their fans a glimmer of hope (Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings), some avoided a potential winless season (St. Louis Rams), and some still face that possibility (Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers).

Sep 17, 2010

Manning Bowl 2: Sexy Superfan Showdown

What takes place once every four years and features two superpowers squaring off for big time bragging rights? No, not...

Apr 15, 2009

Braylon On Brink Of Big Apple

According to reports at Yahoo! Sports, the Cleveland Browns are moving toward an agreement that will send wide receiver Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants in exchange for wide receiver Dominik Hixon along with a 2nd and 5th round pick in this month's NFL Draft...

Jan 13, 2009

10 Pro Athletes Who Twitter

If the only people you’re following on Twitter are people you know, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Sure, it’s...

Oct 8, 2008

Tour Eli Manning’s Pimped-Out Cyber Pad

At some point last year Eli Manning decided he wanted to become an NFL star and now a few months...

Sep 26, 2008

Best Catch Ever!

Best Football Catch This Year – Watch more free videos Sure, David Tyree’s catch in last year’s Super Bowl was...

Aug 27, 2008

Forever On Top: Michael Strahan Staying In Retirement

In the wake of Osi Umenyiora’s season-ending knee surgery, the best news for Giants fans is that Michael Strahan is...

Jun 9, 2008

BREAKING: Michael Strahan Hangs It Up After 15 Years With The Giants

Big news in the football world: SI reports that “Seven-time Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan is retiring after a...

Feb 4, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials: Highs and Lows

While Super Bowl XLII was a helluva game in every respect, the commercials during each break (of which there were...

Feb 4, 2008

Daily Links: Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Play Ball

Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Play Ball [Hollywood Tuna] David Tyree and Eli Manning Have Happy Ending [Busted Coverage] Hooking up ...

Jan 30, 2008

Tom Brady Gets A Marriage Proposal

Tom Brady must feel pretty damn lucky. He has a hot, sexy girlfriend, and he’s about to win the Super...