WATCH: Ryan Clark Destroys Paul Finebaum Over Cam Newton Comments

Ryan Clark was not buying what Paul Finebaum was selling on Wednesday morning. During ESPN’s morning show Get Up, Clark erupted with an epic rant blasting Finebaum for his comments about Cam Newton and Eli Manning.

Finebaum was giving harmless commentary about Manning, who he praised for his handling of the benching by the New York Giants.

Then, for no reason, Finebaum took a shot at “selfish” Cam Newton.

“I think it’s the right move but I also think you have to pause for a second and respect the way Eli Manning has handled this. The Giants blew it a couple years ago, they probably should have gotten rid of him then but they held on and Eli took a beating but he still has shown the epitome of class,” Finebaum said.

“We’re not watching the beginning of the end. It is the end. It’s over for Cam Newton. I don’t know why we’re mincing words and trying to find a pretty way to put it. He’s a train wreck right now. He can’t do what he used to do and quite frankly, forget the sympathy tour. Cam Newton has never cared about anybody —other than Cam Newton. And that doesn’t mean he should be given the opportunity but he brought his franchise down. It’s over for Cam Newton, nice knowing you, but you’re done.”

That’s when Clark stepped in and called Finebaum out for his hypocrisy.

“We just spoke glowingly about Eli — not we, Paul — and he had been a dud for the last four years. You want to talk about bringing a franchise down? Eli has ruined that franchise. So we’ve got to take out how we feel about a dude because he’s a Manning, because we love him, because he gives us this, ‘Aw shucks you can do whatever you want to me and I’m going to be okay about it.’ That’s not true! If we’re looking at it right now, Cam has more left than Eli has had for years.”

Game. Set. Match.

Here is the entire exchange.

For once, one of Finebaum’s ridiculous hot takes blew up in his face. Well done, Ryan Clark.

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