WATCH: Spanish TV Call of Daniel Jones’ Hilarious Run & Stumble is Amazing

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones provided one of the top bloopers of the 2020-21 NFL regular season on Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jones was well on his way to a long touchdown run when he inexplicably began stumbling with nothing but open grass ahead of him inside of the 10-yard line. Of course, the memes immediately began pouring out as Jones was mocked online.

Perhaps the best part of the blooper, however, was the various radio calls that surfaced on social media thanks to Timothy Burke.

As is usually the case, the Spanish TV broadcast added some excitement with a hilarious “NOOO!” added at the end as the announcer was in disbelief with what he just witnessed.

We also got to hear the call from Ian Eagle and the Giants local radio broadcast from Bob Papa.

Both delivered.

To make matters worse for the Giants, they would ultimately go on to lose Thursday night’s game to the Eagles on a last-minute drive led by Carson Wentz. The final score was 22-21, in favor of Philadelphia which now leads the NFC East.

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