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Oct 13, 2017

Top 13 Must-See Scary Movies On Netflix On Halloween 2017

It’s Halloween season and while everyone is rushing to get their outfits and parties planned; some people are just looking...

Sep 22, 2015

Scream Queens Cast 2015: Hot Photos Of New Fox TV Show

Scream Queens debuts tonight with a two-hour premiere on Fox at 8 p.m., and we’re definitely tuning in. Why? Well...

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Oct 24, 2014

Horror U: Mila Kunis Goes All “American Psycho 2” [VIDEO]

COED counts down to Halloween with 31 movies about dead college kids--with Mila Kunis cutting up all over campus in American Psycho 2...

Oct 23, 2014

New “Insidious: Chapter 3” Trailer Gets All Grabby [VIDEO]

The new trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3 is out, and we’re saying that things look plenty insidious here. We’re also...

Mar 2, 2014

A Look Back On Oscar Nominated Horror Films [VIDEO]

Since the Academy Awards are tonight, we thought we would make a tribute to some of our favorite Oscar nominated...

Feb 7, 2014

Zombies and Beavers Collide in the Trailer for “Zombeavers” [VIDEO]

Another undead animal hybrid movie is in the works. This time, it’s those damn dam-building beavers that have been infected...

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Oct 24, 2013

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Favorite Scream Queens

Did we say "10"? There's plenty more facts crammed into our tribute to some of our favorite haunting beauties!

56 Behind The Scenes Photos From Classic Horror Movies

I love behind-the-scenes photos. So before you get started on your Halloween movie marathons, I wanted to show you a...

Oct 18, 2013

10 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck [8/23 – 8/25]

It's the second to last weekend of summer. Get outside, people.

Aug 23, 2013

Woman Who Won The Week: Vinessa Shaw [PHOTOS]

Vinessa Shaw’s moving up the horror movie pyramid....

Mar 23, 2013

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Mar 9, 2013

10 Things We’re Psyched To See At The SXSW Film Festival [PHOTOS]

Every March, when Austin, Texas is still a chilly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the best in film and music come together...

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Oct 29, 2011

5 Horror Movies That Are [Not] Based On A True Stroy

Some horror movies are corny, some unintentionally funny and some are downright scary as sh*t - especially when you see the disclaimer reading "Based on a true story." Well, don't lose too much sleep because that statement's not necessarily the case. Check out our list of five movies that use the term pretty loosely after the jump.

May 3, 2011

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out vs. Mortal Kombat [VIDEO]

Super Punch-Out Vs. Mortal Kombat • Dawn Jaro Isn't Here, But Her Sister Is! • Donald Trump Responds to Osama's DeathPriest's Maggie Q Is Sinfully Hot • Score A (Crappy) Job With A 2.0 GPA • Doug Flutie's daughter is a hot New England Patriots CheerleaderSamurai Slices Through a Mid-Air Bullet See more awesome links after the jump!

Mar 26, 2011

It’s A New Semester At Cartoon University [LINKS]

• Even The Lord Of The Thundercats Gains The "Freshman 15" • Cute Dog Ruins Women's Soccer Match • Maxim Gets Their Hands On The Nintendo 3DSCharlies Sheen's Bangin' 7 Tracks To Have Sex To • See The Trailer For The "First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot" • 6 Brilliant Inventions That Look Like Gag Gifts See More Awesome Links!

Dec 22, 2010

8 Ho-Ho-Horrific Christmas Horror Movies [VIDEO]

Have you ever found yourself so bored with the shameless repetition of holiday specials that you crave some violence? By about the billionth time you've seen A Christmas Story, you really do want Ralphy to shoot his eyeball out with that bee-bee gun, complete with blood and gore. The holiday season can leave us all quite a bit jaded with the overload of cheer and glee to the point of being toxic. For that kind of depression, nothing brightens up one's day more than a horror movie to turn this festive time of year on its candy-coated ass. Here is a list of some much needed counter-programming.

Oct 19, 2010

6 Face Melting Horror Flicks That’d Make Killer Video Games

Saw II: Flesh & Blood is the second video game based on the popular film franchise set to hit stores today. It's one of few horror movies that made the jump to game consoles, which is odd. COED takes a look at horror movie candidates that are way overdue for a video game adaptation.

Oct 26, 2007

Movies to Watch this Hallo-weekend

With Halloween coming up, it’s prime-time to watch a horror movie – but where? Are any movies worth watching in...