Top 5 Horror Movie Sequels

With every box office smash hit, there come sequels after sequels until the property has been milked to pieces. This is seen recently with The Conjuring where it has been milked with sequels and spin-offs and some without the first two film’s original creators, James Wan. With the release of the latest Conjuring film, I recollected some of the best sequels in the genre and how they elevated it to new heights. Here are just five of my personal favorites

Evil Dead II

Do you love gore? Do you like cheesy one-liners? Do you like over-the-top effects? Look no further than Sam Raimi’s masterpiece Evil Dead II! The film works because you don’t need to have seen the previous film to understand what is going on and sums up the first film’s events in the first five-ten minutes. Evil Dead II is incredible because some of the horror elements can work as comedic effects and vice versa making this film seen with a group of friends all the more fun. And how could we forget Bruce Campbell’s legendary performance as Ash! The film has it all!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a horror masterpiece, a cinematic classic, and the foundation for grindhouse horror in the ’70s. Its sequel is a complete departure from that while maintaining its core elements and ideas. And its sequel just works as both an over-the-top comedy and a crazy horror movie. Dennis Hopper absolutely shreds this film and the build-up makes the film all the more worth it. Who wouldn’t want a third-act chainsaw fight!

Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives

If there is one horror franchise that is infamous amongst the public, it is the Friday the 13th franchise. It has been the backbone of the slasher genre and birthed new iconic villains and demons along the way. However, I believe that Part VI is when the series truly shines. It acts as a third chapter to a trilogy revolving around Tommy Jarvis who wants to put an end to Jason Voorhees once and for all.  Part VI is also the film that has a bit fun with itself by adding comedic acting and wild kills that feel like the others that came before it.

Child’s Play II

Another iconic horror legend will forever be the devious puppet, Chucky. And while the first film is a solid horror title, I believe that the sequel is the superior film. Sure it has the same story structure but this one focuses on the trauma that Andy has experienced in the first film and the hurdles he has to cross for a boy at such a small age. Also, combine the idealogy of this film is centered around a consumerist America as they try to fiend off of what the latest toy is for kids. It feels like the Chucky franchise were onto something thematically and they hit a home run as well.

H2: Halloween II

Yes, you heard me. I believe H2: Halloween II is the definitive horror film of our generation and the best in the franchise. It is what a horror sequel should do by thematically adding elements from the first and transferring them to another charater while also bringing the same energy from its predecessor. The film is the perfect depeiction of trauma ever encapsulated on celluloid, capturing both the highs and lows of a person overcoming mental health while also the past coming to haunt you. Rob Zombie truly understands the horror genre and this is his masterwork

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