A Look Back On Oscar Nominated Horror Films [VIDEO]

Since the Academy Awards are tonight, we thought we would make a tribute to some of our favorite Oscar nominated horror movies. Very often, horror movies don’t get the respect they deserve from the Academy. For example, can you believe that no zombie movies have ever been nominated for an Oscar? Seems like one of them should have at least gotten a nomination for best makeup, right? Still, some horror movies are just too good for the Academy to ignore.
Psycho was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Director in 1960. Billy Wilder’s movie The Apartment won most of the major awards that year (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay), but it wasn’t popular enough to get its own spinoff show on A&E 54 years later.
In 1973, The Exorcist was nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, and won for Best Sound and Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. The Sting won Best Picture that year because even the devil himself can’t stop people form loving Robert Redford and Paul Newman.
Rosemary’s Baby won for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium in 1968. If you’ve ever lived in New York City, you’d probably live in a building filled with Satanists if the rent was cheap enough.
The Fly won for Best Makeup in 1986, a year in which Aliens and Poltergeist II were also nominated for Academy Awards. Between Sigourney Weaver and Gina Davis, 1986 was a great year if you like hot ladies killing monsters.
The Amityville Horror was nominated for Best Sound in 1979. The movie is based on a book of the same name that was based on the true story of what happened to a family after moving into a house that had been the site of a mass killing. If the family received royalties from the book, movie and any of the subsequent sequels, it was probably worth it.

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