Aug 8, 2016

Olympics 2016 Fails: Best Fail Videos & Funny Videos

The Rio Summer 2016 Olympics should be a time of great success for all the athletes who’ve worked their butts...

Aug 11, 2015

Water Slide FAILs So Funny You'll Hurt From Laughing

Things get hot during the summer, so of course people are going want to have some fun on water slides....

Jul 23, 2015

WATCH: Idiot Jumps Off London Tower Bridge, Nearly Drowns

This kid jumping off the London Tower Bridge into the Thames is proof that YouTube personalities are getting more and...

WATCH: Girl Jumps Off 30-Foot Stage at Mysteryland… And She's Gone [VIDEO]

Mysteryland, a festival that took place this Memorial Day Weekend, is the place where many magical things happen. One girl...

May 26, 2015

20 Treadmill Fails That Prove Running Is Harder Than It Looks [GIFS]

Don’t let anyone tell you that working out is easy, just check out these 20 people who don’t fully understand...

Apr 24, 2015

40 Most Painfully Awesome, Perfectly Timed Photos of All Time

If you’re a good person, you’re going to be upset if your friend or family member gets hurt–but you’re going...

Feb 6, 2015

Dec 17, 2014

Snapchat Fail Photos: Most Embarrassing Snapchat Pics

How was your year in Snapchat? Yeah, we were really cool, too. It’s a damn shame that Snapchat is designed...

Nov 4, 2014

'Slip And Flip' Game Ends Before It Even Begins [VIDEO]

This past summer we announced that our new favorite drinking game was called “Extreme Flip Cup,” but thankfully it’s found...

Oct 22, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014: Best Parenting Fails Of All-Time

The worst Halloween costumes parents have made their children wear. You need to see these parenting fails!

Sep 19, 2014

The First Dropped iPhone 6 In History Happened On Live Television [VIDEO]

A young man named Jack waited a long time to land the first iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia (which–because of...

Aug 18, 2014

The 10 Most Awesome ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAILs

No good deed goes unpunished.

Jul 28, 2014

The Most Breath-Taking High Dive Fail You'll See All Year [VIDEO]

Behold, a mid-season favorite for "Best Fail of Summer 2014."

Apr 5, 2014

Dogs Watch Fedex Driver Chase His Truck Down A Hill [VIDEO]

[youtube=] It’s not easy driving a truck for a living. You have large blind spots. Left turns are treacherous. Sitting...

Mar 30, 2014

Pug Gets Ultimate Revenge After Owner Pranks Him [VIDEO]

[youtube=] The animal uprising has begun! We already posted a video that may prove that trees are planing to kill...

Mar 30, 2014

Man Shoots Gun At Tree, Tree Falls On Man's Head [VIDEO]

[youtube=] Shooting a target nailed to a tree is truly the most dangerous game. Mankind has always struggled to tame...