WATCH: Girl Jumps Off 30-Foot Stage at Mysteryland… And She's Gone [VIDEO]

Mysteryland, a festival that took place this Memorial Day Weekend, is the place where many magical things happen. One girl decided she’d try to harness those magical powers when she jumped off a 30-foot stage during ILoveMakkonen’s performance 10 PM on Sunday night.
It did not go well for her.
The person who uploaded the video (H/T csaliture)stuck around to answer a few questions about the state of the girl, and whether or not her fractured leg magically put itself back together.

“There was black fabric over on the scaffolding so no one up top could drop anything onto the performers. I’m pretty sure she thought it was solid and was planning to walk out to the edge to get a better view of the stage. Incredibly stupid no matter what she was thinking but thats my best guess. She was alive at the bottom but was rolling around clearly in a lot of pain.

I’d estimate it was around 25-30 feet from the railing to the ground.”

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