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The 10 Most Awesome ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAILs


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS

The idea of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is easy: dump a bucket of ice water over your head and nominate three other people to do the same in 24 hours–otherwise they have to donate to the ALS Association.

But as everyone knows, no good deed goes unpunished, so when these 10 well-meaning individuals sacked up to raise awareness for a fantastic charity, they should have guessed that they’d wind up on an internet compilation list like this.

Hopefully as these victims are applying actual ice to their injuries and bruises, they’re happy knowing they brought awareness to a good cause.

#1 – Letter Rip, Boys!

Shoe-in for our favorite Ice Bucket FAIL ever. Possibly our favorite video of the summer. The only downside is that we’re still unsure if this guy is OK, or if he’ll need a viral charity of his own.

#2 – Regular Cup, Cause My Head’s Big

Anyone who starts a video with the words “Fixing to do” instantly has my attention. WOOOO! You’re talking ’bout cold!

#3 – Trucksticked

You know from her smile that she’s expecting something, but it certainly wasn’t that.

#4 – Chris Carter Fumbles

Having spent an entire career in Minnesota, Chris Carter is trying to avoid the cold as much as possible.

#5 – Stay Trippy

Bro, do you even lift?

#6 – Speedo Drop

Bonus points awarded for property damage.

#7 – Bikini Drop

The fact that she’s still standing on her two feet is a miracle.

#8 – Doggie Bath

I thought Rottweilers were tough dogs.

#9 – Super Mario

Jameson and a Mario outfit makes it look like you’re trying a little too hard here.

#10 – You Throw Like A Girl

Whenever you’ve got five women around you throwing something, something’s going to slip.

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