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The Most Breath-Taking High Dive Fail You’ll See All Year [VIDEO]


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Behold, a mid-season favorite for “Best Fail of Summer 2014.”

A girl in Lava Hot Springs Waterpark (located in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho) found out firsthand what happens when you back out of a dare with a friend.

From the looks of things, the two girls have dared each other to jump off the high dive at the same time–except one does and the other tries to back out at the last second.

How this girl’s torso didn’t snap off from the rest of her body is a complete mystery to me. How she only hurt her finger–which seems like the only part of her body that didn’t get ragdolled–is a miracle.

And is it any surprise that this is now front and center of Lava Hot Springs’ website?

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