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Kelsey Stone

California State University, Fullerton Wildcard West CONFERENCE

ABOUT Kelsey

  • @k_skeezy

California State University, Fullerton, Junior

I love my college because….

when I was in high school I was getting recruited to play college softball and I went on official visits to other schools but there was no atmosphere like CSUF. The students here made me feel so at home and the location of campus is perfect.

I really hate when…

I can hear people chew/smack their lips. The sound makes my skin crawl! My friends think it’s so funny that they do it on purpose.

I major in…

Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution. I’m planning on attending vet school after I graduate and specializing in large exotic cats.

My hometown is awesome because…

of how spacious it is. I grew up in Northern California and it’s very different from Southern California. Once I moved to Orange County I really started to miss driving on back roads instead of taking an hour to go 10 miles on the freeway!


At school, you can find me…

involved in the CSUF pre vet club which opens a lot of doors and opportunities for me and my fellow classmates who are aspiring to attend vet school. Unfortunately, after my freshman year I quit softball so that I could focus on school.

The coolest class I’ve taken so far is…

an introduction to gender studies class, which I took the first semester of my freshman year. The class was filled with athletes and our professor completely blew our minds every day with the questions he asked us. He really made us think about how our society has evolved and how we interact with one another. I still go into the professor’s office hours from time to time when I need a new perspective on things.

My ideal first date would be…

something spontaneous that totally goes against the rule book. If a guy were to ask me to go on a road trip down the coast with no destination or tell me we were going bungee jumping I might fall in love on the spot.

If I had 24 hours left to live, I would…

try to accomplish the most intense item on my bucket list. Currently, that would be to swim with great white sharks.

If I could change one thing about the world, it would be…

that the people who have the least are the ones who are most willing to give. I wish that I could change how selfish our society has become.

I’m going to be Miss COED 2017 because…

I feel as though I represent CSUF in a positive way. This position would help draw attention to my school and would maybe open a new door for high school students who are currently applying to college.

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