WATCH: Man Slaps Burger King Employee; Faces Multiple Charges

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen our fair share of Karens out in the wild having unexplained meltdowns over facemasks, food wait times or just being flat-out racist, and now we have a Kevin entering the mix.

A 21-year-old Pennsylvania man, who was identified as Austin Addison by TMZ, has been dubbed “Burger King Kevin” after a viral video shows him in a verbal altercation with a Burger King employee.

After screaming at the employee — who doesn’t get paid nearly enough to deal with this level of bullsh*t — Addison can see hauling off and slapping the employee over the counter. After slapping the employee and knocking his glasses off, Addison retreats from the restaurant.

However, he didn’t make a clean getaway.

Since the incident went viral, Addison has been hit with multiple charges including harassment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

You can check out the incident below.

Listen, folks, don’t be Austin Addison. No one wants to deal with this kind of nonsense — especially when you have to work during a global pandemic and are stuck dealing with assholes like Austin all day.

This is just the latest incident of “Karens Gone Wild” that surfaced on social media since quarantine which includes a woman breaking down over an egg McMuffin, cops being called on a black man birdwatching in Central Park, a woman getting slapped for telling a customer to ‘go back to Mexico’, and so much more which you can check out below.

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