WATCH: Jorge Masvidal’s Top 5 Best Finishes (VIDEO)

Jorge Masvidal aka Street Jesus aka The Baddest Motherf*cker in the UFC is one of the most popular stars in mixed martial arts. Masvidal recently reached the level of superstardom, but he has fought without a crowd-pleasing style since bursting onto the scene in the backyard fighting days on YouTube.

Masvidal, who fought for Bellator, Strikeforce, Shark Fights, and World Victory Road before his time with the UFC, now holds a professional record of 34-13, with 15 of his wins coming by knockout. But before the American Top Team standout was a mixed martial arts star, he was a Miami, Florida street fighting legend thanks to his time in the same backyard brawl circuit as the one and only Kimbo Slice.

Masvidal would often match up against bigger opponents, but was never willing to back down and showed the same heart and aggression that has led to his pro-MMA success. In fact, his most popular street fights on YouTube are against Kimbo Slice protege Ray, who he was able to defeat on two separate occasions. And that is when the legend of “Gamebred” was first born.

Since then, it has only been an upward rise.

Ahead of his welterweight title shot against Kamaru Usman in the main event of the UFC 251 pay-per-view, the promotion released a highlight video featuring the top-five finishes of his career inside of the Octagon.

Here are the top five finishes of Jorge Masvidal’s UFC career.

Jorge Masvidal’s Top 5 Finishes

Relive some of Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal’s top knockouts and submissions from his UFC career so far. Masvidal faces Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 for the welterweight title.

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