UFC Investigating Cutman Don House For QAnon Conspiracy Theory Patches

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is launching an investigation into longtime cutman Don House, after he was spotted at UFC on ESPN 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend with alterations to his official uniform. House was spotted with patches on his chest and sleeve that referenced the fringe conspiracy theory QAnon.

“This was a violation of our staff event outfitting policy and the matter will be thoroughly investigated,” the UFC said in a statement to ESPN.

House had the letter “Q” embroidered on his chest.

For those who don’t know, QAnon claims to leak intelligence about a top-secret war between the Trump administration and a group of people who engage in criminal activity led by Hillary Clinton and the far-right’s beloved “Hollywood elite” target.

Essentially, QAnon believes that the “deep state” and “global elites” are attempting to undermine the Trump administration and planning a coup/takeover.

Another patch on House’s sleeve read WWG1WGA, which stands for “Where we go one we go all” and is a phrase used by QAnon supporters. The theory first popped up on the 4chan forums.

Just last week, QAnon found its way into the mixed martial arts world after a white flag with a black Q was spotted on top of the Jackson Wink MMA. JacksonWink MMA is home to many top UFC fighters including current and former champions Jon Jones and Holly Holm.

JacksonWink MMA spokesperson James Hallinan said that the flag was placed on the roof by an unknown person.

“We immediately removed it & denounce hate/alt-right groups,” Hallinan wrote. “We equally denounce those falsely portraying our extremely diverse & accepting mma gym for their own shameful politics and agendas.”

The UFC previously barred cutmen from having their own sponsors and placing logos on their clothing that is featured on broadcasts. Somehow, this one slipped through the cracks and appeared live on ESPN.

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