WATCH: ‘Confederate Karen’ Vows to Teach Grandkids to Hate All Black People

Sightings of Karens out in the wild have increased during the coronavirus pandemic and Kathy Bennett must have wanted to join in on the fun. Bennett, a Missouri woman who loves her Confederate flag, went on a wildly racist rant during a rally in support of the flag vowing to continue racism.

The incident took place outside a Dixie Outfitters store whose owners allegedly have a history tied to the KKK, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

While speaking to a Black Lives Matter protestor near the Confederate flag rally in Branson, Missouri, Bennett said that she promised to teach her grandchildren to grow up hating black people.

“I will teach my grandkids to hate you all,” Bennett said while waving her Confederate flag and shouting “suck on this!” and mentioning her “KKK belief.”

Of course, video of the exchange was captured and went viral on social media shortly after.

After the incident went viral, the city disavowed the rally and actions of the approximately 50 demonstrators — especially Confederate Karen.

“The city of Branson does not condone any type of hate speech,” Mayor Ed Akers said in a statement. “The majority of the people of Branson are welcoming, open and neighborly citizens. Many here have strong moral background with servant’s hearts and a spirit of hospitality.”

This is just the latest incident of overt racism that surfaced on social media since quarantine which includes a woman breaking down over an egg McMuffin, cops being called on a black man birdwatching in Central Park, a woman getting slapped for telling a customer to ‘go back to Mexico’, and so much more which you can check out below.

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline Number is Changing By 2022
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