WATCH: ‘Road Rage Karen’ Melts Down When Called Out For Using N-Word

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has not been kind to Karens across the country. Our latest example came from a man named Karlos Dillard, who recorded his confrontation with a woman who has since been dubbed “Road Rage Karen.”

Dillard alleges the woman cut him off, flipped him the bird, called him the n-word and began following him. When Dillard pulled out his phone, the woman attempted to retreat home but was caught on camera.

Once the woman realized she had been caught on video, she went into full Karen mode and broke down hysterically crying and shouting that she was being attacked. The woman cowered behind her care to cover her car’s license plate and even screamed out the newest version of “I’m not racist, I have a black friend.”

“I have a black husband,” the woman cried.

She never denied calling the man a racial slur or cutting him off. In fact, the Dillard had witnesses on camera who backed up his story while the woman cried for her life despite never being in any harm. It simply looked like the unidentified woman realized she had been caught and would have to be held accountable for her actions. Too bad.

You can watch the wild exchange below:

The video was reminiscent of Central Park Karen who called police on a black man bird watching in Manhattan. That led to a conversation about middle-aged Karens “weaponizing their whiteness” and turning the table to scream and make the black man appear as a threat. If you didn’t believe that to be true before, Road Rage Karen will show you just how remarkable and quickly it can be turned on.

As for Dillard, he seems to be doing well for himself and shared a photo on Twitter of a shirt mocking the woman which read “I have had a Black Husband’ – Karen.” If they end up going on sale, Dillard is going to be able to sell the hell out of them.

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