Joe Biden Announces Support For Free College, Student Loan Forgiveness

Joe Biden, the former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, stopped by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah this week to discuss the ongoing tension across the country as protests against police brutality continue, how he plans to take on Donald Trump, and to shed light on some of his policy issues.

While adapting his platform to appeal to a wider range of voters, Biden appeared to adopt some of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ policies when it comes to college and student debt.

During his appearance, Biden revealed that he is now in support of free college and student loan forgiveness.

“Well, you know, things are beginning to change and people are realizing, and I have changed. I have. I believe there has to be more debt forgiveness for college loans, I think, more opportunity to go to college for free. For free,” Biden told Noah (which you can see below beginning around the 9:25 mark).

Biden’s policy for free college previously only applied to families who made less than $125,000 a year. As for his plan to fix student debt, Biden plans to overturn Trump’s controversial $2 trillion tax cut to open funds.

“Imagine if we had that $2 trillion tax cut back,” he said. “We’re going to use that to reduce student debt. We’d be a different country. Leadership matters.”

By taking a more progressive stance on free college and student debt forgiveness, Biden is making an appeal to the younger demographic of the Democratic party — those who identify as progressives and/or Democratic socialists who previously supported Sen. Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Picking up those voters will be key for Biden if he hopes to beat President Trump in the November election.

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